Top 52 Most Popular eBooks on Motorcycling

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The world of motorcycling is an exhilarating adventure unlike any other. For those of us who relish the wind in our hair and the thrill of open roads or heart-pounding track races, there’s an additional joy to be found in the captivating stories penned by masterful authors. While we may enjoy motorcycle documentaries and films that revolve around these two-wheeled wonders – take, for instance, the spotlight on the modern café racer, Triumph’s Speed Triple 1200 RR, in the Netflix sensation ‘Heart of Stone’ (2023) – the evolution of technology has bestowed upon us a new delight: eBooks.

In the modern era, the best motorcycle tales of the ages are at our fingertips with a simple click. And, having spent over 50 years immersed in motorcycling (yes, I’m an avid reader, too), I’ve delved into countless books that have enriched my understanding of this passion. To make sure I don’t bore you with my reader’s bias, I checked in with a special long-term friend and colleague, a name you’re likely familiar with: Boris Mihailovic. And in case you aren’t, here’s a short bio

Meet Boris Mihailovic: Avid Motorcycle Rider, Author, Journalist, Editorial & Marketing Consultant

Boris stands beside the parked BMW R 18 Classic Highline R 18 on the shoulder of Goulburn-Oberon Road, a thoughtful expression on his face, as if pondering, 'Hmm, that truck nearly hit him. He should be more careful.' In a road rage situation, would you choose to stop and confront this man?
Boris stands beside the parked BMW R 18 Classic Highline R 18 on the shoulder of Goulburn-Oberon Road, a thoughtful expression on his face, as if pondering, ‘Hmm, that truck nearly hit him. He should be more careful.’ In a road rage situation, would you choose to stop and confront this man?

When asked about Boris Mihailovic, Richard Fildler of ABC once said, and I quote,

“He has had more fun on two wheels than should be legally possible. His love of motorcycling, mateship, and frequent, subsequent mayhem is matched by a natural writing ability that graphically, often hilariously, brings to life the two-wheeled experiences that have shaped his life.”

And I couldn’t agree more. This one bloke (as he likes to say) has been at it (riding motorcycles) for over 40 years, 25 of which he has spent writing irreverently punchy books when not smashing his head on the keyboard to produce content for a wide range of audiences, including Australian Dirt Bike, AMCN, Ralph, FHM, Australian Worker, Top Gear, and UFC. He was the launch editor of Picture Premium and Premium Babes and has also edited magazines like Ozbike, Street Machine, Choppers, and Motorcycle Legends.

His books? Anything but mundane. They aren’t just about machines; they’re captivating, humorous, and, above all, profoundly relatable.

Boris Mihailovic's books, from right to left: 'At the Altar of the Road Gods: Stories of Motorcycles and Other Drugs', 'My Mother Warned Me About Blokes Like Me', and 'The Wisdom of the Road Gods'. But that's not all—brace yourself for 'Devil May Care: A Tribute to the Modern-Day Outlaw', and not one, but two versions of 'The Picture Premium Australasia's Hottest Men Mag' featuring Gemma, and 'The Picture Premium's Ultra Hot Collector's Edition Dirty Babes' featuring Hanna Hilton. Oh, did I mention there's another book? It's almost like he's pretending to be a writer or something. This time, he has involved his beautiful wife in 'SH!T MY WIFE SAYS'.
Boris Mihailovic’s books, from right to left: ‘At the Altar of the Road Gods: Stories of Motorcycles and Other Drugs’, ‘My Mother Warned Me About Blokes Like Me’, and ‘The Wisdom of the Road Gods’. But that’s not all—brace yourself for ‘Devil May Care: A Tribute to the Modern-Day Outlaw’, and not one, but two versions of ‘The Picture Premium Australasia’s Hottest Men Mag’ featuring Gemma, and ‘The Picture Premium’s Ultra Hot Collector’s Edition Dirty Babes’ featuring Hanna Hilton. Oh, did I mention there’s another book? It’s almost like he’s pretending to be a writer or something. This time, he has involved his beautiful wife in ‘SH!T MY WIFE SAYS‘.
 All these captivating reads have found a home in my Maryland office—because when it comes to Boris's books, the extraordinary is just another chapter.
All these captivating reads have found a home in my Maryland office—because when it comes to Boris’s books, the extraordinary is just another chapter.

His indulging narratives resonate with both bikers and non-bikers alike, reminiscent of the engaging atmosphere of a pub where the charismatic storyteller of the biker gang holds court. For us bikers, his tales strike a chord, vividly portraying how our passion for motorcycles becomes a part of who we are. No wonder his informative bike bible – a virtual space where half a million pairs of eyes eagerly scan his pages each month, just like you and me now, sharing a wink that says, ‘I get it, I feel it, and I love it too!’

The R 18 Highline loves sweepers. And so does Boris, leaning into a corner after coming up from the Abercrombie River Gorge.
The R 18 Highline loves sweepers. And so does Boris, leaning into a corner after coming up from the Abercrombie River Gorge.

And I find myself agreeing with his own assessment: his most important contribution is, in his words, ‘pissing people off.’ He sees this as his calling in life, something he takes seriously, alongside his passion for riding motorcycles, of course!

I am certain that, like me, you will be utterly captivated to hear his extraordinary life story directly from him. It’s a journey he unfolds with fervor and heart during our exclusive video interview. Even the most exceptional among us have a tale to tell!

Now, let me introduce our handpicked top 52 most popular eBooks – the ultimate compilation of must-reads that have stood the test of time.

Top 52 Most Popular eBooks on Motorcycling

Top 50 Most Popular eBooks on Motorcycling
Displayed here is an image featuring the current list of the 50 most popular motorcycle eBooks. The list spans from the top-ranked number 1 and gradually progresses to the 50th, moving from the uppermost section, traversing towards the right, and descending downward. For further insights into my curated selection, simply scroll down and delve into the details.

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Book NameCategoryAuthorSynopsisPrint LengthCheck & Shop Now
Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim RogersAdventure Travel/Travel MemoirsJim RogersExplore international investments, local cultures, politics, economics, and the art of travel across six continents...472 PagesAmazon
HANGMEN: Riding With an Outlaw Motorcycle Club in the Old DaysClub Memoirs/HistoryDale ArensonThe camaraderie, challenges, and the unique bond between club members as they navigate the road and their own complexities…424 PagesAmazon
How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles: Key Skills and Advanced Training for All Off-Road, Motocross, and Dual-Sport RidersOff-Road RidingGary LaPlanteThe intricacies of off-road, motocross, and dual-sport riding, offering readers a comprehensive toolkit of skills and strategies…455 PagesAmazon
Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding WellCity Streets and Country Roads RidingDavid L. HoughDiscover bike mechanics, choosing the appropriate bike size, fundamental riding skills, navigating night rides, participating in group outings, and mastering advanced survival tactics...293 PagesAmazon
Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques, 2nd EditionStreet RidingLee ParksLearn essential rider insights with a keen focus on the crucial dynamics of physics, psychology, and rider attitude…497 PagesAmazon
My Mother Warned Me About Blokes Like MeBiker CultureBoris MihailovicA gritty, humorous memoir exploring a life of rebellion and redemption as a rider…189 PagesShock&Nawe
The Fast Stuff: Twenty Years of Top Bike Racing Tales From the World's Maddest MotorsportRacing/Sports RidingMat OxleyLearn the triumphs, challenges, and the intense camaraderie of the heart-pounding world of motorcycle sports…469 PagesAmazon
Hitting the Road; Motorcycle Travels on a BudgetBudget Travel TipsJB KlimkoInsights into planning, navigating, and making the most of motorcycle journeys on a tight budget…82 PagesAmazon
At the Altar of the Road Gods: Stories of Motorcycles and Other DrugsMotorcycle CultureBoris MihailovicA deeply personal narrative that explores the complexities of freedom, friendship, and the relentless spirit of adventure…304 PagesShock&Nawe
Desolation Road (Torpedo Ink Book 4)Romantic Suspense with Motorcycle ThemesChristine FeehanThe lives of the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club members, where danger and desire entwine…479 PagesAmazon
Inflame Me (Ravage MC #4): A Motorcycle Club RomanceMotorcycle Club RomanceRyan MichelePassion and danger entwine as the members of the Ravage Motorcycle Club navigate the complexities of loyalty, love, and life on the edge…258 PagesAmazon
Prospect's Bible: "How to Prospect for a Traditional, Law Abiding Motorcycle Club" (Motorcycle Clubs Bible - How to Run Your MC)Operations and ProtocolJohn E. Bunch II The Black Dragon National PresidentDiscover the path to joining a motorcycle club, gaining crucial insights into the prospecting process and adhering to the etiquette of traditional, law-abiding clubs…180 PagesAmazon
The Meaning of BikeMotorcycle PhilosophyRobert HopwoodDelve into how riding transcends mechanics, becoming a journey of self-discovery and personal meaning…292 PagesAmazon
The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Ride 9th UK ed.Motorcycle Training and EducationThe Driver and Vehicle Standards AgencyEssential guidance for aspiring motorcyclists in the UK. Packed with updated information, practical tips, and clear instructions…230 PagesAmazon
Chronicles of a Motorcycle Gypsy: The 49 States TourTravel/AdventureTiffani BurkettExperience the thrill of adventure, the freedom of the open road, and the unique bond between rider and journey…338 PagesAmazon
The Tiddler Invasion: Small Motorcycles of the Sixties (Color Edition)HistoryFloyd M. OrrThe charm and innovation of iconic bikes that defined the 1960s era…617 PagesAmazon
Motorcycles on the Go (Bumba Books ® — Machines That Go)Children's Motorcycle BooksKerry DinmontIntroduces the exciting world of two-wheeled adventures through engaging visuals and simple language…24 PagesAmazon
Fearless: Lords of the MurderdromeRacing/Sports HistoryRick OngstadExplore the high-speed battles and daring riders who conquered the perilous tracks…130 PagesAmazon
Hell on Wheels: An Illustrated History of Outlaw Motorcycle ClubsSubculture HistoryBill HayesThis illustrated history delves into the captivating subculture, revealing stories, rivalries, and their lasting impact…542 PagesAmazon
The Doctor, the Hitman, and the Motorcycle Gang: The True Story of One of New Jersey's Most Notorious Murder for Hire PlotsCriminal Cases Involving MotorcyclistsAnnie McCormickUncover a chilling tale of murder-for-hire intrigue in New Jersey's underworld.218 PagesAmazon
A Guide to Motorcycle RacingRacing TechniquesHedley J. CoxInsights for honing skills and mastering the exhilarating world of competitive racing…254Amazon
Classic Motorcycle Electrics ManualMotorcycle Electrical SystemsJames SmithUnlock the secrets of classic motorcycles' electrical systems for enthusiasts and restorers…275 PagesAmazon
CHAINS: Night Rebels Motorcycle Club (Night Rebels MC Romance Book 8)Romance FictionChiah WilderThe intense emotions and unexpected love within the dynamic realm of motorcycle clubs…270 PagesAmazon
Ubuntu: One Woman's Motorcycle Odyssey Across AfricaTravel/Adventure/ Journey MemoirsHeather EllisA testament to the resilience of both rider and spirit, capturing the essence of exploration, human connection, and the transformative power of travel…300 PagesAmazon
Two-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Maintenance and RepairEngine Repair and MaintenanceDave BoothroydThe intricacies of two-stroke motorcycle engines, offering step-by-step instructions for maintenance, repair, and optimization…163 PagesAmazon
The Build: How the Masters Design Custom MotorcyclesCustomizationRobert Hoekman JrImmersive journey into the realm of custom motorcycle design, celebrating the fusion of engineering, aesthetics, and passion…192 PagesAmazon
The Women's Guide to Motorcycling: Everything a Woman Needs to Know About Bikes, Equipment, Riding, and SafetyRiding Guide for WomenLynda LahmanPractical advice on equipment, maintenance, and safety, empowering women to confidently embrace the open road…297 PagesAmazon
The Essential Guide to Motorcycle MaintenanceMaintenance GuideMark ZimmermanPrecise instructions, a task-oriented outline for troubleshooting, and expert guidance on maintaining your bike in its best possible condition…256 PagesAmazon
American Iron Magazine Presents 1001 Harley-Davidson Facts: Covers 1903 to PresentHarley-Davidson History and FactsTyler GreenblattFascinating facts, insights, and milestones in the evolution of Harley-Davidson…367 PagesAmazon
Do It While You Still Can: Motorcycle Escapades and TribulationsAdventure/Travel StoriesNick AdamsHumor, insight, and genuine experiences, Adams invites readers to join him on his journeys across diverse landscapes…181 PagesAmazon
BSA MC1 250 Grand Prix Prototype 1955: A 250 Grand Prix Challenger That Never Was... (The Motorcycle Files)Racing HistoryAlan CathcartThe essence of a moment in racing history when innovation and ambition intersected, creating a captivating narrative for motorcycle enthusiasts and history buffs alike…60 PagesAmazon
Going the Wrong Way: A Coming Of Age Story Like No OtherAdventure/Coming-of-Age StoriesChris DonaldsonAn epic Australian adventure in search of self-discovery and a fresh start, navigating through unexpected encounters, trials, and ultimately, triumphs…402 PagesAmazon
100 Years of the Isle of Man TT: A Century of Motorcycle Racing - Updated Edition covering 2007-2012Isle of Man TT HistoryDavid WrightAn engaging journey through the TT's milestones, showcasing its enduring allure and its pivotal role in shaping the history of motorcycle racing…300 PagesAmazon
Across America by Motor-CycleTravel MemoirsC. K. ShepherdWith vivid descriptions and personal reflections, Shepherd shares the ups and downs of the road, the people encountered, and the profound connection between rider and land…193 PagesAmazon
Jacks, Knaves and Kings of Speed: 20th Century Heroes and Villains of MotorsportMotorsport HistoryAlastair WalkerA captivating exploration of the personalities that shaped the world of motorsport during the 20th century…91 PagesAmazon
Motorcycle Porn: Portraits and StoriesMotorcycle Culture and PortraitsFrank J. BottPersonal connections and stories that tie people to their bike…128 PagesAmazon
Triumph: The Art of the MotorcycleTriumph Motorcycle History and ArtZef Enault & Michael LevivierThe blend of engineering and aesthetic mastery that defines Triumph's unique place in motorcycling history…459 PagesAmazon
The Honda ValkyrieHonda Valkyrie Enthusiast GuidePeter RakestrowThe history, design, and enduring appeal of the Honda Valkyrie, showcasing its unique features, engineering innovations, and the cultural impact it has made in the motorcycling world…160 PagesAmazon
The One Percenter EncyclopediaOutlaw Motorcycle Club HistoryBill HayesA comprehensive resource for anyone seeking to understand the nuances of motorcycle gang culture and its place within broader society…259 PagesAmazon
The Best of Peter Egan: Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings from the Pages of Cycle WorldMotorcycle Stories and ReflectionsPeter EganA timeless tribute to the joy and camaraderie of motorcycling, resonating with enthusiasts and riders who share a love for the unique experiences that define life on two wheels…288 PagesAmazon
Indian Sport Scout 1936 Racer - An American Racing Icon: A Hand-Change Hot Rod (The Motorcycle Files)Vintage Motorcycle Racing HistoryAlan CathcartCaptures the spirit of a bygone era, celebrating the craftsmanship, innovation, and racing heritage that make the Indian Sport Scout a timeless symbol of American motorcycle culture…91 PagesAmazon
Scout's Guide to Supercross 2016 (Scout's Guide to Motorcycle Racing 2016 Book 1)Supercross Racing TipsChris MartinAn indispensable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of supercross racing…134 PagesAmazon
Motorcycle Adventurer: Carl Stearns Clancy: First Motorcyclist to Ride Around the World 1912-1913Adventure HistoryDr. Gregory W. FrazierHomage to an unforgettable adventure that shaped the course of motorcycle travel and continues to inspire modern-day explorers…309 PagesAmazon
Never Say Never: The Inside Story of the Motorcycle World ChampionshipsBehind-the-Scenes of Motorcycle World ChampionshipsNick HarrisA unique perspective on the challenges, rivalries, and the determination that drive these elite athletes to push the limits…381 PagesAmazon
The Little Black Book of Motorcycle Wisdom (Little Red Books)Motorcycle Wisdom and QuotesNiels AaboeNuggets of wisdom that resonate with riders of all levels, capturing the essence of the motorcycle experience…225 PagesAmazon
BSA Motorcycles - The Final EvolutionBSA Motorcycle Legacy and DevelopmentsBrad JonesWith meticulous research and a keen eye for detail, Jones delves into the final phase of BSA's journey, tracing the brand's innovations, challenges, and the factors that led to its evolution…364 PagesAmazon
Simple Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks to Save You ThousandsDIY Motorcycle Maintenance TipsHarry SwannValuable resource for riders of all levels, providing the confidence to keep their motorcycles in top condition and avoid unnecessary expenses…75 PagesAmazon
BMW Airhead Twins: The Complete Story (Crowood Motoclassics)BMW Motorcycle HistoryPhil WestThe history, design, and evolution of the legendary BMW Airhead Twins…208 PagesAmazon
Easy Motorcycle Touring: A Rider's Guide to the Open RoadTouring TipsBarry DwernychukEssential tips and insights to ensure successful and enjoyable touring experiences…199 PagesAmazon
A-Z of Italian Motorcycle Manufacturers 1st EditionItalian Motorcycle HistoryFrom iconic brands to lesser-known manufacturers, this book provides an in-depth exploration of the contributions, innovations, and legacies of each company…181 PagesAmazon
The Triumph Tiger Cub BibleTriumph Club motorcycle HistoryMike EstallA comprehensive guidebook for enthusiasts and owners of Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycles, offering in-depth information, history, and maintenance tips for this iconic motorcycle model...442 PagesAmazon
Girl on a MotorcycleChildren's AdventureAmy NoveskyA picture book that tells the inspiring true story of Anne-France Dautheville, the first woman to ride a motorcycle around the world...48 PagesAmazon

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

Reading a Motorcycle eBook
Engaging with an eBook. With the advantage of portability, instant access, and interactive features, kindle books offer a space-efficient and eco-friendly way to carry a wealth of motorcycling knowledge in your pocket. Build an affordable collection covering adventure, maintenance, and more.

When writing this article about the most popular books about motorcycling, the first thing I pondered was whether the person is more interested in the motorcycle itself as a machine or in riding.

When I first started riding on the street at 14 years old while living in Paris, I did all the work on my two motorcycles. I owned an Italian Malaguti and a Spanish Derbi. I handled all the mechanical work for several reasons. First, it was novel and intriguing. Secondly, I didn’t have much money to spare for repairs. Of course, there was also a language barrier, making it more challenging to communicate with a French person to fix these issues and to figure out how to do it myself.

Upon returning to the United States and starting road racing, and again not having any money, I spent many days and nights working on my bikes to get them ready for the next day’s race. I often worked in terrible conditions outside in the grass, perhaps on a 95-degree day with high humidity – quite a miserable experience. So, I think by the time I turned 21, I had truly lost interest in performing any mechanical tasks. It was my love for riding motorcycles that fueled my motivation and passion.

Thus, in terms of personal preference, I’m more interested in books, videos, or movies about motorcycle riding and the culture of motorcycling, as well as traveling by motorcycle. While there are excellent books and videos about motorcycle mechanics, it’s not something that personally captivates me.

Above all, I simply love to ride, which is why I own motorcycles in Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam, in addition to the dozen I have here in the United States. Various forms of motorcycling hold a deep passion for me — from street bike riding to adventure touring, enduro rides, and road racing; they all hold a special place in my heart. In recent years, I’ve developed a strong affinity for riding in foreign countries and have spent a lot of time doing so in Thailand, Vietnam, and Ukraine, resulting in wonderful experiences in all these places.

So, choose a book that aligns with your specific interest, but most importantly, get out and ride!

AGVSPORT Knee and Body Armor

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About the Author:

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In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. For over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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