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AGV Sports Group is a company which has quietly provided some of the best protective gear in the world for motorcyclists for nearly 30 years. Born in the early days of AGV Helmet’s entry into the US market, AGV Sports Group has a unique technical outlook on the design of our protective apparel. This origin in the helmet industry and its science and technology is what sets AGVSPORT apart from other apparel brands.

Our commitment to materials and design innovation have played a major role in the evolution of the AGVSPORT product line. Our products are engineered to be strong, light, abrasion resistant, cool, and comfortable. AGV Sport products have consistently won “Best in Class” awards from numerous motorcycle publications around the world, and provide a motorcyclist with a line of both affordable entry level products, as well as world class high end products handcrafted in Italy.

In addition to the information we collect from our world class professional riders, a lot of input is received from our customers and our own personal experience.

Each product is designed by riders, for riders, and function is never sacrificed for aesthetics. By keeping product development and design in-house and using experienced riders, we are staying true to the motorcycle enthusiasts who respect the quality and value of AGVSPORT performance driven products.

We have remained one of the oldest rider-owned and operated apparel companies in the motorcycle industry. AGV Sports Group produces high quality protective apparel, offering top performance at a great value.

We are passionate about the sport, and all the personnel involved in product development at AGV Sport ride and are among the sport’s greatest enthusiasts.




Our unique seam construction (Advanced Safety Stitching Construction, or ASSC) provides durability, protection, and flexibility where you need it. Multi-Tech Stitching provides extreme abrasion and tears resistance for outside arms, legs, and back seams.

Multi-Four Stitching provides increased flexibility while maintaining great abrasion and tear resistance properties for the inside of your arms, legs, and along with the latissimus dorsi muscles of your back.

Multi- Triple Stitching provides maximum flexibility for low-impact areas such as your chest while still maintaining good abrasion and tear resistance.

assc graphic

AGVSPORT products are designed to be articulate while maintaining protection. Our products are functional because we focus on reinforcing high-impact areas and improving dexterity where it is important.

Most companies focus on the look and do not fully understand the premise of rider safety and comfort. The most crucial impact areas are your backside, spine, limb joints, and palms.

We use additional back padding, triple nylon stitching, and 1.4mm premium full-grain cowhide leather in order to protect these key areas. 1.2mm premium cowhide leather, polyester mesh, Keprotec®, and Dyneema® are used in low impact areas such as the arms, chest, sides, and interior to allow our apparel to maintain its flexibility and ventilation for a comfortable ride.

Our leather suits have perforated leather construction in critical areas to provide our riders with comfort without sacrificing safety.

In addition, our removable inner liners allow our suits and jackets to ventilate when it is warm and insulate when it is cold.


We use YKK® zippers for all of our pockets to ensure the best quality. Our jackets provide a variety of pockets from hard warming pockets to interior storage pockets so every rider can store and protect their personal belongings.

A zipper/Velcro closure system is used to make sure personal belongings are secure and that all wrist and waist fittings are personalized to the fit of the rider.

Our Leather and Textile Jackets are compatible with our Textile Pants. You can connect your AGVSPORT™ riding pants to your riding jacket for a professional feel and protection. This is critical for achieving a streamlined custom fit for all types of riding.


We use Fit Rite Sizing for our products to assure a functional and comfortable fit for a custom-like experience. Every jacket fits an ergonomic philosophy to cater to every type of rider.

Our sizing method accounts for various measurements; from chest circumference and back length to hip, thigh, and ankle circumference.

In addition, we size our products differently in different international markets for the best fir possible.

This allows every rider to look and feel like a professional when wearing our products. We believe that a precision fit leads to maximum comfort and, most importantly, maximum safety.

All AGVSPORT™ products use innovative ventilation systems in order to provide optimal breathability for all riding conditions.

Our leather suits have perforated leather construction in critical areas to provide our riders with comfort without sacrificing safety.

We also use moisture-wicking 100% polyester mesh materials in low-impact areas such as the arms, sides, and interior to allow our apparel to maintain its flexibility and ventilation while keeping you dry for the most comfortable ride.


Our suits, gloves, jackets, and pants are constructed for optimum safety in various riding conditions. Many of our products are tested and certified to meet various Europe Union CE certifications including
1. EN 388 – Protective gloves against mechanical risk
2. EN 420 – Protective gloves- General requirements and test methods
3. EN 1621 – Motorcyclists’ protective clothing against mechanical impact
– Motorcyclists’ limb joint impact protectors- Requirements and test methods
– Motorcyclists’ back protectors – Requirements and test methods
4. EN 13594 – Protective gloves for professional motorcycle riders – Requirements and test methods
5. EN 13595 – Protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders – Jackets, trousers, and one-piece or divided suits
– General requirements
– Test method for determination of impact abrasion resistance
– Test method for determination of burst strength
– Test method for determination of impact cut resistance
6. EN 13634 – Protective footwear for motorcycle riders – Requirements and test methods
7. EN 471 – High-visibility warning clothing for professional use – Test methods and requirements
8. EN 14021 – Stone Shields for off-road motorcycling suited to protect riders against stones and debris – Requirements and test methods

Also, our products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards for quality control, quality assurance, and efficiency. This means that dependability is also built into every product. We exceed the quality of our competition because we use the best stitching techniques, the highest grade of materials, and exceed the highest safety testing.

To learn more about our testing and certification is conducted please reference our CE Certification and Testing Laboratories:
SATRA Technology
Dynamex Certification Services
SGS Yarsley International Certification Services
CRITT Sports et Loisirs



Cowhide Leather

Since the beginning of time leather has always provided the highest level of protection that money can buy. Cowhide leather has various layers of construction between the flesh and coat of the cow.

The grain leather is the outermost layer of hiding and is the strongest layer of hiding because the fibers are vertically integrated and highly ordered. AGVSPORT™’s high-quality products use Full-grain leather to give the rider the best protection and wear qualities available.

Kangaroo Leather

Due to its low-fat content kangaroo leather has superior strength, lighter weight, flexibility, and durability compared to other types of leather resulting in increased comfort without sacrificing comfort. AGVSPORT™ products that use kangaroo leather include our GPR Sport Gloves and our Custom Suits to cater to the needs of our riders.

Kevlar® by DuPont

For 50+ years Kevlar® has been the industry standard for high strength, high-performance synthetic textiles. DuPont initially hired a team of inventors to synthesize a polymer fiber that was lightweight and had superior performance strength properties.

The team was able to produce a virtually perfect polymer chain extension using polyp-benzamide, which has a long, highly ordered, and repeatable molecular backbone and a rigid rod-like shape.

Kevlar® has extremely high tenacity, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, cut resistance, is economical to manufacture, and is five times stronger than steel by weight. Various

AGVSPORT™ Products are made with DuPont Kevlar® to reinforce high-impact areas. DuPont Kevlar® is used in AGVSPORT™ Race Suits and Pants to create a strong backbone for our products.

Dyneema® by DSM

Dyneema® is classified as an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Essentially, this material is a very dense derivative of plastic. Dyneema® is used to complement Kevlar® due to its comfort and protection benefits.

Dyneema® has high flexibility, large break strength, great vibrational damping properties, and good abrasion resistance. Dyneema® is used to enhance comfort and protection in select AGVSPORT™ Pants.

Keprotec® by Schoeller

Keprotec® is a durable protective fabric, originally developed for motorcycle racing. This material uses a Kevlar®, to provide a strong backbone, combined with Cordura®, high-tensile strength polyamide, and polyester.

The performance properties of Keprotec® include extreme abrasion and fall protection, tear resistance, temperature resistance, and breathability and comfort.

Various AGVSPORT products use this material in moderate impact areas to provide breathability and flexibility where it is needed.

SuperFabric® by HDM

SuperFabric materials enhance the durability of our products to make them resistant to wear and visible damage. SuperFabric technology starts with a base fabric that is overlaid with a patterned arrangement of hard armor plates. This gives way to great durability, breathability, slash resistance, and abrasion resistance. Various AGVSPORT Gloves have SuperFabric in high impact areas on the palm and outer construction.

TPU Armor Removable Inserts

AGVSPORT™ Products are built with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam armor to improve protection in high impact areas. TPU body armor is flexible, abrasion resistant, and is oil and grease resistant. The pseudo crystalline cross-linked structure has great elongation characteristics and performs well under low temperature conditions. All of AGVSPORT™ Suits, Jackets, and Textile Pants have removable foam armor in high impact areas including the spine/back, hips, shoulders, elbows, and knees. TPU armor is also used in select AGVSPORT™ Sports Gloves and Touring Gloves to enhance comfort and protection. The foam insert pouches are also compatible with other well regarded foam armor insert brands such as ForceField®, Knox®, and d3O®.


Forcefield® body armor has flexibility, breathability, and low profile while still meeting top CE approved safety standard. Select AGVSPORT products use Forcefield® armor for first-class protection.


Knox® body armor uses scaphoid protection technology in the palms to protect fragile areas of the hand. AGVSPORT uses Knox® body armor in the construction of various high end glove models.

YF® Protectors

YF Protector® manufactures TPU body armor tested and certified to meet various CE Safety standards. AGV SPORTS Suits, Jackets, and Pants use YF Body Armor to provide top-quality protection.

YKK® Zipper Construction

YKK® has become the world’s most renowned zipper brand by making the highest quality zipper on the market. YKK® zippers are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. Fastening products bearing Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, have been tested for the release of heavy metals under artificial perspiration conditions, have been tested for pesticides and chlorinated phenols, and are free from formaldehyde.

All AGVSPORT™ Products use YKK® zippers in their construction, providing dependable quality.

Clarino® High-Performance Synthetic Leather

Clarino® is highly regarded in the sports glove industry and is well known for its superior performance and physical properties. This material is easy to care for, breathable, and comfortable.

Without sacrificing strength, Clarino® is able to maintain flexibility and texture even when exposed to cold and wet weather conditions. Clarino® is used in select AGVSPORT™ Sports Gloves and Touring Gloves to enhance abrasion resistance and durability of the product.

3M Scotchlite® Retroreflective Technology

3M® has revolutionized the developing science behind retroreflective technology such as 3M Scotchlite®. Retroreflective technology reflects light rays in the direction from which they came so that the axis of highest visibility is along the direction of the light source.

3M® retroreflective material is used in various AGVSPORT™ Suits, Jackets, Textile Pants, Gloves, and Rain Suits to provide high visibility in dark low-visibility conditions. AGVSPORT™ Products are engineered with attentiveness to safety features such as this to create the safest riding experience.

3M Thinsulate®

3M Thinsulate® is used as an inner liner in AGVSPORT™ Gloves to keep you warm when it is cold outside. Thinsulate® fibers are ten times smaller than 6-denier polyester insulating fibers. This means that they are much more efficient in confining air molecules close to your skin to trap radiant and conductive heat from your body.

HiPora® Breathable Membrane Technology

HiPora® is waterproof and breathable and consists of a three-layer microporous, silicon-coated structure. The first layer prevents water from passing through with pores less than .5 um in diameter.

The second layer has a honeycomb structure that lets moisture to let it expel through the first layer. It absorbs the moisture so your body does not get sweaty while letting the moisture slowly leave.

This is all at a microscopic and macroscopic level you will never feel. The third layer is very dense for added protection against water. This is the layer closest to the skin.

Additionally, HiPora® technology meets O.S.H.A. Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29CFR 1910.1030), which is a testament to its quality. All AGVSPORT™ Touring Gloves and Sierra Waterproof Sports Gloves are constructed with HiPora® membranes to keep your hands dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

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