5 Best Orange Motorcycle Helmets Under $400

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Some riders like their helmets plain and boring, while others like them to pop in the brightest colors possible. When it comes to bright helmet colors, what’s brighter than orange motorcycle helmets? What are the best orange motorcycle helmets on the market?

Some of the best orange motorcycle helmets under $400 include:

  • AGV K1S Izan
  • Bell SRT Velo
  • HJC i10
  • ScorpionEXO R320 Hudson
  • AFC FX17

In this post, I will examine these helmets, their features, and how they make some of the best orange helmets on the market today.

Top 5 Best Orange Motorcycle Helmets Under $400

Model Type Features Shop Now
AGV K1S IZAN Full Face
  • Revised face shield
  • DOT & ECE2206 safety rating
  • Five intake vents


Bell SRT Velo Modular Helmet  Modular / Flip-up
  • Flips up to 90° 
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Panavision face shield


HJC Helmets i10 Robust Full Face
  • SNELL 2020 certification 
  • Venturi vent
  • Improved noise reduction


Scorpion EXO R320 Hudson Full Face
  • Lightweight design
  • Quickwick II liner
  • 5 intake & exhaust vents


AFX FX17 Helmet Dirt Bike
  • DOT & ECE rating
  • Affordable, entry level helmet
  • Adjustable peak


orange motorcycle helmets - AGV K1S Izan

AGV K1S Izan: Buy on
RevZilla | CycleGear


AGV is one of the best Italian motorcycle helmet makers, known for its innovation, safety, and stylish design. Founded in 1947, it is perhaps best known for being the helmet of choice for many MotoGP riders, including Valentino Rossi.

The AGV K1S is a full-face helmet designed for everyday riding. Its aerodynamic shape utilizes similar designs developed for the more premium Corsa R and Pista GP R. 

Safety-wise, the helmet is both DOT and ECE22.06 approved and comes with the gold-standard double-D ring chin strap for excellent fastening. 

I really like two things about the AGV K1S. First is the XQRS (X-Tra Quick Release System) on the visor, which makes it easy to replace the face shield. 

Another is how the helmet base is contoured around the collarbone area—AGV believes this reduces the chances of collarbone injuries in crashes. 

orange motorcycle helmets - Bell SRT Velo

Bell SRT Velo Modular Helmet: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

2. Bell SRT Velo Modular Helmet

Bell is an American company that produces high-performance helmets for motorcycles, bicycles, and auto racing. If you are a history buff, you may appreciate that Bell pioneered the first full-face motorcycle helmets. 

I decided to feature Bell’s modular helmet in this list, as it is one of the more balanced between affordability and comfort. It also has this aggressive black and orange design that will definitely turn heads. 

The helmet weighs around 3.89 pounds, or about 1.76 kg for you metric folks—slightly on the heavier side, but modular helmets usually are. The chin bar flips up to around 90°, allowing you to turn your helmet into an open-face helmet. 

Creature comforts include the Panovision face shield, which has a drop-down inner sun shield. The helmet can accommodate eyewear, and the inner linings can be removed to wash and clean. 

The helmet is rather comfortable to wear, but it does make some noise while on the highway. Modular helmets tend to be noisier, so this is not an issue. 

orange motorcycle helmets - HJCi100

HJC i100: Buy on
RevZilla Amazon

3. HJC i10 Robust

HJC helmets are made in South Korea. Founded in 1971, it started off making affordable helmets for riot and safety squads before gradually moving into more premium, higher-quality motorcycle helmets. HJC stands for ‘Hong Jin Crown.’

I included HJC’s i10 helmet in the list because it balances style, comfort, functionality, and price. The orange motorcycle helmet design is also very aggressive and beautiful to me.

HJC used a more affordable polycarbonate for the helmet shell, yet it is able to keep the helmet light at 3.7 pounds, about 1.67 kg in metric. The helmet also comes with good safety certification from both DOT and SNELL M2020. 

However, note that helmets from 3XL to 5XL are DOT-certified only.

I found the helmet more comfortable than those within its price range. This is likely due to the soft and Supercool moisture-wicking lining. There are also a good number of vents, with side vents helping to prevent fogging on the face shield.

Finally, I love the aggressive black and orange graphics—they will definitely turn heads and should look perfect with any KTM bike.

orange motorcycle helmets - ScorpionEXO R320 Hudson

Scorpion EXO R320 Hudson: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

4. ScorpionEXO R320 Hudson

ScorpionExo is a rather new player in the motorcycle helmet market. Founded in 2002, it makes motorcycle helmets using advanced materials and adds a dose of innovation.  Bikers love ScorpionExo’s blend of safety, comfort, and stylish design.

The R320 Hudson is one of ScorpionExo’s more affordable helmets. However, the helmet’s bells and whistles do not reflect its price. The shell is polycarbonate, with dual-density EPS inside. This is good enough for DOT safety certification.

Need to hit the twisties? Pull down the face shield and lock it in with the Ellip-Tec system. The helmet also comes with KwikFit cheek pads that accommodate eyeglasses and headphones. 

The R320 Hudson has a single graphical design with different color accents. The orange-black-white combination looks the best to us, so I included the helmet model in this list. 

orange motorcycle helmets - AFC FX-17

AFX FX-17: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

5. AFX FX17

After including full-face and modular orange motorcycle helmets in the list, it’s time to add something different—a dirt bike helmet. I try to keep the list of helmets affordable, so here comes the AFX FX17.

AFX Helmets is a family-owned company known for making affordable yet high-quality motorcycle helmets. They offer a wide range of styles, including full-face, open-face, and off-road helmets. AFX may have been the first helmets for many riders.

The FX17 is a dirt bike helmet, so the designs differ. The helmet is made from poly-alloy composite and has 11 ventilation points. These vents are peppered across the helmet, at the chin, side, top, and rear, to keep your head cool during rides.

I like how the helmet accommodates goggles well, and strap grabbers ensure things stay in place while you make aggressive moves.

Best Orange Motorcycle Helmets: What’s Your Choice?

Here are some of the best orange motorcycle helmets under $400. These helmets balance style, safety, comfort, and price and are excellent choices for beginner or seasoned riders alike. 

I have also created lists of the best modular motorcycle helmets, so if you are looking for one, feel free to check out my recommendations there.

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

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In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. For over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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