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racer support

AGV Sport is offering a competition support program to qualified racers who are actively competing in some form of motorsport racing including on- and off-road racing motorcycles, ATVs, watercrafts and go carts. This program may qualify you for reduced prices on all AGV Sport products, and to participate in contingency programs.

This program is designed to defray the costs of racing while providing the privateer with special purchases of top quality equipment. In addition, riders participating in this program will be eligible for posted contingencies and depending on individual performance, media coverage attained, and image portrayed, possible direct product sponsorship. Enrollment in this program is required in order to be eligible for all posted contingency awards.

Any products purchased through this program are only to be for the use of the registered racer. Any abuse of this policy will be just reason to terminate the agreements of this program. We reserve the right to refuse any order from any selected racer.


– Racer may purchase AGV Sport products (leathers, boots, gloves, and AGV sportswear) for his sale use in reasonable quantities at racer support prices.
– Racer will become eligible for posted cash contingencies and, after review, possible additional support.
– Racer’s name will be passed on to suppliers and manufacturers for further support and consideration.


– Complete the application form. The application form must be signed to validate the agreement. Signing this application releases rider’s photographs and image for use in press releases and advertisements.
– Display AGV Sport decals on motorcycles, and patches on leather suit.
– Racer MUST submit a photocopy of all applicable licenses for sports in which the racer is competing.
– All orders can only be placed through the Racer Support Services Competition Office.


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