10 Best Bluetooth Communication Systems for ATV Use

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Are you heading out on an ATV or side-by-side adventure? A reliable communication system is a must-have. While it’s vital for staying safe, a comm system also enhances the fun. Whether staying in touch with fellow riders or enjoying your favorite tunes, the right system makes all the difference.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about the best system to buy because we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up the best Bluetooth communication systems for ATV and UTV use, including systems suited for large groups, long distances, and many other common riding situations.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious off-roader, we’ll help you find the ideal comm gear for your next adventure. Get ready to ride with confidence and enjoy every moment!

ProductBluetoothWorking DistanceCheck & Shop Now
Lenix LX-B4FMBluetooth 4.1Up to 2,000 meters (2,200 yards)Amazon
FODSPORTS FX10CBluetooth 5.0Up to 1,600 meters (1,750 yards)Amazon
HuanGou BT-S25.0 CSR Bluetooth ChipUp to 1,000 meters (1,100 yards)Amazon
FreedConn TCOM VBUpgraded Bluetooth 5.0Up to 800 meters (875 yards)Amazon
EJEAS V6ProUpgraded Bluetooth 5.1Up to 1,200 meters (1,312 yards)Amazon
Moman H2 Intercom KitBluetooth 5.0Up to 1,000 meters (1,100 yards)Amazon
FODSPORTS FX8 ProDual-chipUp to 1500 meters (1640 yards)Amazon
GaiRen V4 PlusBluetooth 5.1Up to 1,500 meters (1,640 yards)Amazon
XGP Bluetooth HeadsetBluetooth 5.0Up to 1,200 meters (1,312 yards)Amazon
Dpofirs Bluetooth HeadsetBluetooth 5.0Up to 1,000 meters (1,100 yards)Amazon

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Communication Systems for ATV Use

1. Lenix LX-B4MF

LEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetBuy on Amazon

The Lenin LX-B4FM distinguishes itself with its impressive 10-way conference intercom feature, allowing communication between up to 10 riders at a time over a distance of 2000 meters. Plus, the system has universal pairing. These two features combined make the LX-B4FM a great choice for ATV and UTV riders traveling long distances in large groups.

Riders can also enjoy shared music experiences during their trips, thanks to the LX-B4FM’s music-sharing ability. Coupled with DSP and CVC advanced noise cancellation technology, it ensures clear audio delivery even at speeds of up to 75 mph, making it ideal for high-speed adventures while maintaining clear communication and entertainment.

Another significant advantage of the LX-B4FM is its two interchangeable microphones, which easily adapt to different helmet types, ranging from open-face to full-face.

It’s durable, too, with an IP67 waterproof rating and functionality in temperatures as low as -22°F. Additionally, the LX-B4FM boasts a long-lasting 800 mAh battery, which provides up to 15 hours of talk or music time, ensuring reliability for extended journeys.


  • Extensive intercom range and universal pairing
  • Effective noise cancellation and music sharing
  • Interchangeable microphones for different helmet types


  • 10-way communication can be challenging to manage
  • Music sharing is limited to specific conditions


FODSPORTS Bluetooth Mesh IntercomBuy on Amazon

The FODSPORTS FX10C is an excellent choice for all ATV and UTV enthusiasts, but it’s especially useful for those who ride in groups. It supports unlimited users within one mile and offers ten mesh intercom channels. Additionally, its Group Mesh feature remembers past connections for automatic reconnection, and Open Mesh automatically searches and joins nearby networks.

This headset’s audio multitasking technology allows you to talk while listening to music or GPS instructions. The music-sharing feature, functional within 100 meters between two FX10C headsets, is ideal for shared rides on ATVs or UTVs, though it’s limited to pairing between two devices.

With Bluetooth 5.0, the FX10C offers strong compatibility and stable connections, essential for off-road terrains. It pairs universally with various Fodsports models, providing access to music, hands-free calls, GPS, and built-in FM radio.

The FX10C excels in sound quality, featuring a noise-reduction function and high-fidelity speakers. You can enjoy clear sound even at speeds up to 75 mph. Its long battery life, quick charging, and waterproof design make it suitable for all helmet types and weather conditions.


  • The Group Mesh feature allows for easy network connections
  • Voice communication works alongside music
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Music sharing is limited to two FX10C headsets
  • Multiple audio channels can potentially be confusing
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3. HuanGou BT-S2

HuanGou BT-S2 motorcycle bluetooth headsetBuy on Amazon

The HuanGou BT-S2 sets a new standard for Bluetooth communication on the go. Utilizing a 5.0 CSR Bluetooth Chip, it offers full-duplex intercom capabilities with an impressive range of 1000m and optimal performance at speeds between 50 and 75 mph.

One of the standout features of the BT-S2 is its multifaceted Bluetooth hands-free functionality. It supports a wide array of actions: answering or rejecting calls, redialing, automatic call answering, and music controls, including playback, pause, and song selection. Additionally, its ultra-wideband FM station search (76-108MHz) ensures you’ll always find plenty of local radio.

Also worth noting are the advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. Audio remains clear even with high levels of external noise, making this system a good choice for anyone who rides in loud areas, such as near roaring water or in high winds.

The BT-S2 also scores high on convenience and compatibility. It fits any full-face helmet and most half-face helmets that cover the ears. Its compatibility with smartphones and BT-S series headsets is another plus. The larger push-button design is glove-friendly, a thoughtful detail for riders.

Durability is another strong suit of the BT-S2. Crafted from waterproof silicone material, it stands up well to rain and snow, ensuring reliability in various weather conditions.


  • Provides clear communication even in loud environments
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Versatile hands-free operation for calls and music


  • Operating call and music functions can feel confusing at first
  • It doesn’t work with all types of helmets

4. FreedConn TCOM VB Bluetooth Headset

FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle HeadsetBuy on Amazon

The TCOM VB from FreedCoon is a versatile communication tool that will suit the needs of a wide range of ATV and UTV riders.

Its upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology means it easily connects to other FreedConn devices and other brands, making it an excellent choice for anyone who rides with a mix of different people.

Music sharing between riders and passengers is implemented well here, especially for those using the Bluetooth 5.0 version TCOMs. If you’re a big music fan, you’ll love the advanced DSP technology and proprietary 3rd generation bass-heavy stereo speakers, which deliver crystal clear sound.

The headset’s 2-in-1 replaceable microphone system, accommodating both hard and soft microphones, makes it suitable for various helmet types, from full-face helmets to three-quarter and half helmets.

The TCOM VB supports real-time intercom for two riders, extendable up to three, making it ideal for smaller riding parties. It maintains clear communication at speeds of 50 to 62 mph and up to a distance of 800 meters.


  • It easily pairs with most other comm systems
  • Excellent sound quality with deep bass
  • Versatile microphone system for different helmet types.


  • Intercom functionality is restricted to small groups
  • Communication quality can suffer at higher speeds

5. EJEAS V6Pro Bluetooth Headset

EJEAS V6 Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetBuy on Amazon

The EJEAS V6Pro is a reliable and impressive communication solution for ATV and UTV enthusiasts. Its two-person full-duplex system, part of a six-connection network, ensures efficient communication between two riders at a time, with the host having the flexibility to connect with any of the five sub-devices.

The V6Pro’s advanced DSP noise-cancellation technology is a highlight. It significantly reduces wind and background noise, providing crystal-clear sound quality beyond many other models.

The upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 version enhances the V6Pro’s hands-free capabilities. It can automatically answer or reject calls, adding to the convenience and safety of riders.

The IP65 waterproof, dust-proof, and sun-proof design makes it a reliable companion in all weather conditions, catering well to long-distance riders and cycling enthusiasts.

Battery life is another area where the V6Pro stands out. With a large 850mAh battery, it offers an impressive 18 hours of intercom time and up to 25 hours of music playing time on a mere three-hour charge.


  • Two-person full-duplex system within a six-connection network
  • Advanced DSP noise cancellation for clear sound at high speeds
  • Extended battery life is well-suited for long-distance travel


  • Communication is limited to two people at a time.
  • Host and sub-device selection systems can feel complicated to operate
  • Temperature range may limit use in extreme weather conditions.

6. Moman H2 Helmet Intercom Kit

Moman H2 Helmet Intercom KitBuy on Amazon

The Moman H2 Helmet Intercom Kit offers real-time communication for two riders up to a distance of 1000 meters. The extended range is ideal for riders who prefer wide, open areas.

Equipped with 5.0 tech, the H2 intercom headset has excellent functionality. It supports hands-free calls, music streaming, and FM radio, all manageable via a user-friendly knob. You’ll have no problem operating all the systems while still paying attention to the trail.

Adaptability is a key aspect of the H2. Its IP65 waterproof rating and operational temperature range of -20 to 50℃ make it suitable for various weather conditions.

The 40mm speakers and CVC/DSP noise suppression technology deliver bold, clear sound. Even at high speeds, it maintains clear audio, effectively cutting out distractions from wind, engine, and traffic noise.

Even if this is your first communication system, you’ll have no problem installing it. Depending on your preference, it can be effortlessly attached to a helmet using a back clip or Velcro clip.

Finally, the 900mAh battery capacity is impressive, offering 20 hours of continuous use and up to 300 hours of standby time on a single charge.


  • Long-range communication
  • User-friendly controls
  • Excellent sound quality with effective noise-blocking


  • Limited to two-way communication.
  • Installation ease varies based on helmet type.


FODSPORTS FX8 Pro Motorcycle Communication SystemsBuy on Amazon

The FODSPORTS FX8 PRO Helmet Communication System is a great choice if you want to connect quickly to other riders. The dual-chip design enables fast pairing and simplifies the process of connecting multiple units for group intercom.

Music sharing is also easy with the FX8 PRO. The ability to switch between three sound effects, including “HiFi Bass,” “Popular Golden Classic,” and “Pure Human Voice,” further enhances the audio experience, catering to different preferences.

The FX8 PRO’s capability for an eight-rider group intercom is particularly impressive. Combined with its innovative antenna, it ensures longer-distance communication with clearer transmission. Plus, the audio mixing allows riders to listen to music or GPS while talking.

Compatibility and ease of installation are also strong points. The FX8 PRO works with most Bluetooth headsets and offers two microphone choices to fit different helmet types. Its detachable metal clip facilitates easy installation and transfer between helmets.

Finally, its IP65 waterproof rating ensures durability in all weather conditions, even at -22°F.


  • Dual-chip for fast pairing and large group intercom.
  • Versatile music sharing and sound effect options.
  • Easy to install.


  • Music sharing is limited to two riders
  • Advanced functions might overwhelm casual users.

8. GaiRen V4 Plus

GaiRen V4 Plus Motorcycle Bluetooth HelmetBuy on Amazon

The GaiRen V4 Plus offers an upgraded group intercom feature, allowing up to four riders to connect simultaneously for a conference intercom, with a total range of up to 1500 meters.

While the V4 Plus has a lot to like, sound quality is perhaps its strongest feature, with excellent CVC noise reduction technology and Bluetooth 5.1. The high-fidelity speakers ensure that the sound remains clear and stable in loud environments and at high speeds.

The V4 Plus also excels in hands-free functionality. It can automatically answer or reject calls. Once paired with a phone, riders can enjoy music and stay updated with road conditions through FM radio. Support for mobile voice assistants adds another layer of convenience, allowing for easy interaction with technology while on the move.

Energy efficiency is another highlight, with the V4 Plus’s optimized circuitry reducing power consumption by 20%. This efficiency translates to substantial battery life, offering up to 18 hours of talk time and 24 hours of music play on just two hours of charging, making it ideal for long trips.


  • Four-rider group intercom with a wide range
  • Clear and stable sound quality in noisy environments
  • Efficient power consumption with long battery life


  • Limited to four riders for intercom communication
  • Requires familiarity with advanced features for optimal use
  • Compatibility may vary with certain helmet types

9. XGP Bluetooth Headset 

XGP Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset - agvsport.comBuy on Amazon

The XGP Bluetooth Headset is an exciting blend of lightweight design, simplicity, and high performance. Weighing only 39g and measuring 15mm thick, it promises a hassle-free riding experience.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the XGP’s music-sharing mode and 40mm Hi-fi stereo speaker. The sound quality is impressive, with deep bass, clear mid-range, and pleasing high notes, creating an immersive audio experience while riding.

Battery life is another strong suit. It boasts a 1000mAh battery that offers up to 30 hours of music playback and 35 hours of intercom and call time. If you like long rides, the XGP is worth serious consideration.

The headset incorporates advanced noise reduction technology (DSP/CVC) with a built-in microphone. Conversations remain clear even against the backdrop of road noise.

Finally, the 1200m intercom range makes this an excellent option for two people who ride together frequently.


  • Light and slim design for unobtrusive wear
  • High-quality sound with music-sharing capabilities
  • Long battery life


  • Intercom functionality is limited to two people
  • Some riders may prefer a more robust physical design
  • Advanced features might require a learning curve for optimal use

10. Dpofirs Bluetooth Helmet Headset

Dpofirs Bluetooth Helmet Headset-agvsport.comBuy on Amazon

The Dpofirs Helmet Headset offers impressive noise control and excellent functionality. It features a smart chip and an external windproof microphone that work together to deliver sterling noise suppression.

This headset shines with its multifunctionality. It supports hands-free calling and automatic answering, which is a significant safety feature for riders.

Ease of use is another stand-out feature. Big, glove-friendly buttons make operation effortless, ensuring that riders can stay focused on their journey without distractions.

The battery life of this headset is commendable. Equipped with a 450mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it offers a substantial standby time of about 360 hours. The added convenience of being able to charge other devices via USB is a bonus for long rides.


  • Advanced noise control for clear audio
  • User-friendly controls
  • Long battery life and easy charging


  • Limited compatibility with certain helmet types.
  • Battery performance can be affected by charging additional devices

ATV/UTV Bluetooth Communication System Buyer’s Guide

Although ATV headset systems have a fairly simple appearance, they’re incredibly sophisticated equipment. Here’s a rundown of the key features found in Bluetooth communication systems. Understanding what they do allows you to make an informed decision about what will best suit your needs.  

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

When choosing a Bluetooth headset for ATV use, sound quality is paramount. Good headsets offer clear audio with features like Hi-Fi speakers and advanced noise-cancellation technology. Variations in sound quality include bass-heavy speakers for music lovers and DSP (Digital Sound Processing) for clearer communication.

Real-world implications of sound quality are significant. For ATV riders, who often deal with engine and wind noise, a headset with excellent noise cancellation ensures clear conversations and enjoyable music playback, even at high speeds. This feature enhances both safety and enjoyment during rides.

Microphone Quality

the type of microphone in the headset can greatly impact sound clarity. Some models come with dual-microphone systems or windproof options, enhancing voice clarity in outdoor environments. Also, consider headsets with adjustable sound settings, allowing you to tailor audio levels to your preference.

For an ATV rider, the microphone’s effectiveness is crucial. It ensures that communication remains clear even amidst the roaring ATV engines and gusty winds typical in outdoor terrains.

Adjustable sound settings also allow riders to balance audio levels between communication and environmental awareness, which is essential for both enjoying the ride and maintaining safety.

Connectivity Range and Intercom Functionality

Connectivity range is crucial for group rides. Headsets vary in intercom range, offering up to 1200 meters or more. Additionally, consider the number of riders the system can connect simultaneously, as some support two-way communication while others can connect a larger group.

For ATV enthusiasts riding in groups, a longer range means staying in touch over wide open spaces. A system that supports multiple riders is essential for larger groups, ensuring no one gets left out of the conversation, which is crucial for coordination and safety.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is a key consideration for extended rides. Bluetooth headsets vary in battery capacity, with 30 hours of use typically considered on the high side. Also, consider the charging time and whether the headset can charge other devices.

For ATV riders on long trips, a headset with a longer battery life means less worry about frequent recharging. Quick charging capabilities and the ability to charge other devices can be a literal lifesaver on multi-day adventures, keeping all your essential gadgets powered.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Durability and weather resistance are vital for ATV riders. Headsets come with different IP ratings for water and dust resistance. A higher IP rating means better protection against the elements.

In real-world scenarios, a durable and weather-resistant headset is invaluable. ATV riding often involves exposure to dust, rain, and varying temperatures. A robust headset ensures uninterrupted communication and entertainment, no matter the weather conditions, adding reliability to your gear.

How Do You Know What System to Choose?

Understanding your individual riding needs and preferences is key to selecting the right Bluetooth communication system. Different riding styles and conditions require different features to enhance your experience.

Riding Distance

For those who enjoy all-day trips, battery life is a key factor. A headset with a long battery life and quick recharging capabilities is essential to avoid interruptions. Quick charging is particularly valuable during short breaks, ensuring your system is ready when you are.

Riders who cover long distances will benefit from a headset that can sustain communication and entertainment throughout their journey. A system with a lengthy battery life minimizes the need for frequent stops to recharge, keeping you connected and entertained throughout your ride.

Music Preferences

If music is an integral part of your ride, consider a system with superior audio quality and music-sharing capabilities. Systems with high-fidelity speakers and the ability to share music with fellow riders can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your trips.

For music enthusiasts, the ability to easily switch between tracks and adjust volume without stopping is important. A headset with user-friendly controls ensures that you can manage your music effortlessly, even while navigating challenging terrains.

Number of Riders

The size of your regular riding group should influence your choice. Systems vary in the number of riders they can connect, with some designed for a duo and others for larger groups.

If you frequently ride in a group, opt for a system that supports multiple riders. This ensures clear and continuous communication with all members of your group, enhancing safety and coordination during group rides.

Weather Conditions

Consider the typical weather conditions you encounter. A waterproof headset that is built to withstand harsh conditions is crucial for riders who face wet or extreme weather.

A durable and weather-resistant headset is a must for those riding in diverse weather conditions. It ensures your communication system remains functional and reliable, no matter the weather, providing peace of mind during your adventures.

Helmet Compatibility

Not all headsets fit every helmet type. It’s important to choose a headset that is compatible with your specific helmet style, whether it’s full-face, open-face, or modular.

Ensuring proper fit and comfort is crucial, especially during long rides. A headset that seamlessly integrates with your helmet enhances overall comfort and avoids any unnecessary distractions, allowing you to focus on the ride.

Ease of Use

Ease of operation is vital, especially when wearing gloves. Look for headsets with simple, intuitive controls that can be easily managed while riding.

A system with straightforward controls reduces the need to stop for adjustments. This feature is particularly useful for riders who prioritize uninterrupted rides and want to maintain their focus on the trail and their surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following FAQ section, we have quick answers to common questions about Bluetooth communication systems and how to choose the best one for your ATV riding needs.

What is the importance of the Bluetooth version in a communication system?

The Bluetooth version affects connectivity range, speed, and stability. Newer versions, like Bluetooth 5.0, offer longer range, faster pairing, and more reliable connections.

Can I connect my Bluetooth headset to multiple devices simultaneously?

Many modern headsets allow multipoint pairing, enabling connection to multiple devices at once. This feature is useful for simultaneously connecting to your phone and GPS device.

How do I know if a headset is compatible with my helmet?

Check the headset’s design and mounting mechanism. Most are compatible with a variety of helmets, but it’s important to confirm this before purchasing.

What should I look for in terms of battery life for long rides?

For extended rides, look for a headset with a battery life of at least 15-20 hours. Also, consider models with quick-charging features for added convenience.

How does noise cancellation work in these headsets?

Noise cancellation uses advanced technologies like DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to reduce ambient noise. This ensures clearer communication and audio quality, especially at high speeds.

Is it possible to share music with fellow riders using these systems?

Yes, some systems offer music-sharing features. This allows you and a fellow rider to enjoy the same music simultaneously, enhancing the riding experience.

What does an IP rating mean for Bluetooth headsets?

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates the level of dust and water resistance of a device. Higher ratings, like IP67, mean better protection against elements, ideal for off-road riding.


A reliable and effective Bluetooth communication system is necessary when riding ATVs and side by side. By identifying your riding needs and preferences, you can find a headset with the features that will suit you best.

While all the systems reviewed above have much to offer, we’ve selected the Lenix LX-B4MF as our top pick. It provides a broad range of features useful for many types of riders, including those who like to ride long distances, in large groups, and in noisy areas.

Of course, other options are also excellent choices. Consider the FODSPORTS FX10C if you want the ability to connect easily to multiple networks or the FreedConn TCOM VB if you prioritize easy music sharing.

The right comm system will elevate your ATV and UTV riding experience to a new level!

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