The Best Belts for Motorcycle Jeans You Should Know

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Everyone needs a good belt, especially if you’re a keen motorcycle rider. It will not just be for holding up your pants while riding. It can set the tone and color scheme of your outfit as well. A good connecting belt will also keep your jacket from riding up. A chilly lower back is not something anyone on a bike wants, but it’s quite easily avoidable.

The shortage of companies that make motorcycle jean-specific belts does cause some confusion, though, bringing up the question of what is the right belt to wear with your pants. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find a few very cool products.

My selection of the best belts for motorcycle jeans is designed specifically for motorcycles, and some even feature jacket connection systems to keep you from being vulnerable while riding. Please note that the order of the list isn’t intended to be competitive or to favor any of the listed belts.

The Best Belts for Motorcycle Jeans You Should Know

1. REV’IT! Safeway 2 Belt


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The REVIT! Safeway 30 Belt brings to the market a new kind of cool. It’s a modern and sleek option if you want to create a stylish connection between your riding garments. By connecting the belt with your jeans and overshirts/jackets, you’ll be more comfortable and warmer as your back won’t be exposed to wind and unwanted elements at any time. You’ll also be protected from low-back and waist road rashes in case of an accident. 

It’s slim – 10mm thinner than its younger brother REVIT! Safeway 30 – yet it still has all the benefits you would expect from a leather accessory. In fact, its full composition is 100% buffalo leather. The thin width presents new possibilities for personalization with regard to motorcycle clothing. The belt is also unisex, so it can be worn with either our men’s or women’s collection pieces.

agvsport-Palomar-Leather-jacket agvsport-super-alloy-jeans agvsport-ascari-jacket
AGVSPORT Palomar Jacket AGVSPORT Super Alloy Jean AGVSPORT Ascari Jacket

2. The Knox Leather Belt

The Knox Leather Belt is an exceptional motorcycle jean belt, handcrafted from the best grade of leather and the highest of skill and artisanship. This assures riders of safety and reliability on this piece that can hold all the various protective and fashion articles together, isolating them from the elements and the harsh road beneath.

The Knox signature style is the gunmetal stock buckle – which can be changed – but most riders already find it fashionable. Apart from its sheer strength, this belt prides itself in being one of the slimmest in the market for the same level of strength and durability as everyday wear.

It does come in various sizes from small to extra-large, which guarantees a Knox belt for every rider.

3. Roland Sands Design Debo Belt

At number three is the all-American Roland Sands Design Debo, a high-end riding belt made of 12oz saddle leather. This motorcycle belt for jeans is a top-tier genuine leather product attracting discerning enthusiasts and with excellent reviews from all sides, including sports, cruising, adventure, off-road, and dual sport riders. The steep price point reflects its value and quality.

Its key features include the premium quality leather (steer hide), a thick stitch detail, and a custom embossed design with a replaceable roller buckle.

The Roland Sands Design Debo Belt has a starting price of $100.

4. Dainese Settantadue Belt


This belt is certainly another top contender in the 100-percent leather belt for motorcycle jeans category with its aesthetic black finish and iconic “tute da moto dal 1972” embossed slogan. This can be interpreted directly as “coveralls motorcycle since 1972.”

The belt also has a Dainese logo engraved on it as well as the iconic Rapida72 racing stripes. It’s available mostly in larger sizes but, luckily, you only need to measure the length of the belt you need from the fold to the center hole you use.

You can get the Dainese Settantadue Belt at a starting price of $55.97.

5. Klim Redline Web Belt

The Redline Web Belt by Klim is intended to be the most dependable and unobtrusive pant height retention solution on the market. The simple locking mechanism prevents slippage, and the sleek form is pleasant for longer usage. You will never go back to traditional belts after using the belt.

This renowned industry giant went for a low-profile design with a flat lay that doesn’t dig into skin or protrude on the outside. The non-slip locking mechanism consists of a laser cut T6061 anodized buckle (aluminum) with engraving. You’ll love how the belt tail tucks behind the belt for a clean look with no loose parts for safety and durability.

The Klim Redline Web Belt has a starting price of $44.99.

6. Schott Horween Steerhide Belt

If you’re looking for a high-quality hand-crafted motorcycle belt, then you’ll find one in the Schott Horween Steerhide Belt.

When Schott went in search of a perfect casual and tough belt that virtually anyone, and especially motorcycle enthusiasts, can rock for a wonderful experience and didn’t find it, they decided to create one! The result is a tough long-lasting nickel buckled steerhide leather belt that guarantees a wonderful wearing experience.

The Schott Horween Steerhide Belt goes for $75.

Other belts in this class you could consider include 100% cow leather Genuine Victory Motorcycles Black Fashion Belt at $17.49, the Merlin Leather Connecting Belt for $55, and the 75% polyester, 25% metal fiber Buckle-Down Web Honda Moto Belt starting from $13.95 to $18.74.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to get a sturdy belt to match your new pants. In true spirit, you need to shop around for a handy accessory that can double as a tow rope if push comes to shove.

There are countless stores out there you can pick from. But since there is a shortage of manufacturers in the market, finding a specialist making a range of belts for motorcycle jeans takes research and now you have a head start.

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