How Do I Mount GoPro on Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet? 5 Sensational Mounting Locations!

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The increasing trend of using GoPro for mounting motorcycle helmets is noteworthy. Nowadays, one of the first things riders do after purchasing a helmet is investing in a GoPro, given its clear advantages over traditional cameras and other recording devices. But the question remains — how do I mount a GoPro on a full-face motorcycle helmet?

Depending on your preference and riding style, you can mount the GoPro onto your motorcycle helmet in one of four ways: Front mounting, side mounting, chin mounting, vented strap mounting, or under-visor mounting.

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There is one for every type of user. Keep on reading to learn more. But first,

Is It Legal to Mount GoPro on Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet?

GoPro HERO8 Black top mount on the AGV AX-8 Evo helmet for a commanding view of the trails. The mount extends at least 2 inches to clear the peak, potentially causing a dragging effect on the helmet at higher speeds.
The GoPro HERO8 Black top mounting on the ECE 22.05-certified AGV AX-8 Dual Sport Evo helmet. The mount extends at least 2 inches to clear the peak for a commanding view of the trails.

Yes! No law exists against mounting anything to your motorcycle helmet, provided it doesn’t corrupt the gear’s structural integrity. That means you shouldn’t drill holes in the helmet. However, you can stick a GoPro to the helmet or fit it via a suction cap.

A GoPro on your helmet allows you a better view, whether you’re on the racetrack or out on an adventure. Besides, it’s a fantastic way to measure your riding performance accurately. Some riders also love to make videos and share them on social media, and there’s no better way to do so than by having a GoPro on their helmet.

Knowing how to know to mount GoPro on a full-face motorcycle helmet also gives you the assurance that it’s safe and will not come in the way of your riding.

Which Are the Best GoPro Cameras for Helmet Mounting?

Here is my selection:

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2. Best GoPro 360 Camera – GoPro Max

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3. Best Mid-Priced GoPro HERO8 Black


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Michael parrotte wear AGV AX8 helmet with Gopro camera

The motorcycle accessories I recommend provide a perfect balance of affordability and unwavering quality, ensuring the utmost value for your investment. These are items I've become well-acquainted with during my more than 50 years of motorcycling experience, where I've led and consulted for reputable companies in over 25 countries, in addition to being an avid rider. They are the very same products that have earned my trust and served me exceptionally well during countless adventures.

Where Do You Mount a GoPro on a Motorcycle Helmet?


There are several different places on your helmet you can fit a GoPro. The specific location you opt for depends on what you’ll be using it for.

Here are the four places to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet:

1. Front GoPro Mounting


A popular way to fit a GoPro camera is in the helmet’s front part, the same way you’d fit a headlamp. In this case, the camera is fitted to your helmet’s flat surface.

The first step when mounting your GoPro this way is to make sure you have a flat or curved GoPro mount and a top-quality adhesive. You’ll be attaching the mount to the surface of the helmet using the adhesive.

The best adhesive should bear intense winds and heavy rains. Keep in mind that when you mount your GoPro using adhesive, the mount sticks to your helmet permanently.

There are many benefits of mounting your GoPro on the front of the camera. It makes it easy to adjust the camera and allows you to shoot from a variety of angles. Moreover, viewers can see from your point of view.

Another benefit is that you get to minimize the undesirable effects caused by vibrations and noise made by your motorcycle.

But there are drawbacks to this mount position too. For instance, your camera can get damaged if something slightly above your head bangs it. Moreover, a GoPro and its mount on the front side of your helmet can look funny.

You may also experience a heavy feeling that draws your face down while riding because of the additional weight caused by the GoPro on the front side of your helmet.

My Best Front GoPro Full-Face Helmet Mount — GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (All GoPro Cameras)



  • Official GoPro mount
  • Includes a swivel mount assembly that is easy to adjust, rotates, and aims, making it possible for you to take shots and capture angles
  • Versatile
  • Accommodates all GoPro cameras
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.

You can find the GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount on Amazon.

2. Side GoPro Mounting


Mounting a GoPro camera on the side of the helmet is quite common, particularly for riders who don’t use full-face motorcycle helmets. You can opt for either side of the helmet.

One of the strengths of side mounting a GoPro is that you get close coverage, just like in the front mount position. The position also offers greater wind resistance and fewer chances of your camera getting damaged because of hitting an object slightly above your helmet.

However, your point of view may be slightly out of line. Besides, this position may not always be possible when using vented helmets due to the open spaces these helmets have.

The procedure of mounting your GoPro on the side of the helmet isn’t much different from that of the front side. Using an adhesive, stick a curved GoPro mounting gear to any side of your helmet. Next, fix your GoPro to the mount.

Be sure to securely attach the camera to make sure it doesn’t fall off when you’re riding at high speeds.

My Recommended GoPro Full-Face Helmet Side Mount — Swivel Camera Mount (Enjoy With All GoPro Cameras)



  • Easily adjustable
  • Comes with a mounting buckle
  • Includes a new mounting plug to prevent the GoPro from slipping out of the mount.

3. Chin GoPro Mounting


What makes the chin mount position so popular is the fact that it offers viewers a stunning sight. Viewers can see shots as though they were recorded from the eye’s level.

The chin mount requires a GoPro mount that has adjustable joints. You’re also going to need sticky pads and adhesives. Simply attach the mount to your helmet’s chin and fix the camera to the mount. This is how you mount GoPro on a full-face motorcycle helmet.

The chin mount position works best with a full-face helmet. As a result of its centralized position, the camera stays in place without problems. The wind impact on your camera is minimal from this position, and there’s less interference from the noise and vibrations made by your motorcycle.

You can also opt to attach a mic alongside your GoPro camera and engage in mono-blogging. And since the camera is easily visible to the rider, you can always tell whether you’ve positioned it well or not.

My Recommended Best GoPro Chin Mount — SKEZN Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro


SKEZN Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro


  • This helmet chin mount’s innovative sliding buckle design addresses the challenge of installation and reduces wear discomfort, eliminating the annoyance of loose straps hitting the face while riding.
  • Constructed from durable PC material, this mount features a unified base and J buckles for hassle-free setup. Its smooth corner design enhances safety by securely holding the camera in place.
  • Equipped with a compact connection system, this design allows for easy adjustments of the camera’s shooting angle and direction, making it versatile for activities like skiing, skateboarding, cycling, motorcycling, and skydiving. It’s the perfect accessory for lovers of outdoor adventures.

You can find the SKEZN Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro on Amazon.

4. Vented Strap GoPro Mounting


The GoPro vented strap mount functions the same way as the GoPro front mount. The only difference is that the vented strap mount doesn’t use a curved or flat mount. Instead, it uses straps.

The strap mount is especially ideal for vented helmets as they do not have sufficient space for GoPro mounts with adhesive pads.

One of the major benefits of the strap mount is that mounting and dismounting your GoPro camera is extremely easy. You simply affix the straps through the vented helmet openings and strap them. You can unmount the camera by pressing the quick clip button to release the strap.

Because of the adjustable nature of the strap, it fits helmets of all sizes, which is a huge advantage.

My Choice for Vented Strap GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mount — Vented Helmet Strap Mount



  • You can attach it to all vented helmets
  • One size fits all helmets
  • The straps are adjustable, allowing quick and easy mounting

You can find the Vented Helmet Strap Mount on Amazon.

5. Under Visor GoPro Mounting

Under visor GoPro Camera Mount AGV AX8 Helmet.

In addition to the standard top, side, and chin GoPro mounting positions, I’ve also experimented with under visor mounting using my AGV AX-8 Dual Evo Earth helmet, as shown in the picture above. The under visor GoPro mounting offers the significant advantage of reduced wind resistance when riding on open roads, as well as a decreased risk of the camera getting entangled in overhead branches and vines during off-road rides.

Another benefit is that the camera remains unobtrusive and is unlikely to be obstructed by mirrors and handlebar controls, unlike a chin mount.

My Choice for Under Visor GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mount — The Frame GoPro Hero Housing

GoPro Hero Mount The Frame GoPro Hero Housing


  • Allows charging without removal
  • Full access to USB-C and HDMI ports
  • Optimized audio capture design
  • Includes lens protection cap.

You can find the The Frame GoPro Hero Housing on Amazon.

What Are the Other Places to Mount Your GoPro When Riding a Motorcycle?

Apart from mounting your GoPro on your helmet, other excellent and convenient ways include mounting the camera onto the bike or wearing it to the chest using a chest strap. The latter always takes videos in a position lower than the helmet, making your handlebars, legs, and arms visible when riding.

Chesty – Performance Camera Chest Mount



  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Padded and breathable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Specially designed with a quick-release buckle
  • A stable platform for recording amazingly immersive footage.

You can find the Chesty-Performance Camera Chest Mount on Amazon.

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

Investing in a GoPro motorcycle helmet mount is worth it. And regardless of your favorite position, you can always have fun using your camera, especially if you love to watch your stunts. Besides, GoPro cameras can last hours when shooting continually, have incredibly powerful lenses, feature a max frame rate, and are durable. These cameras are also quite versatile.

Once you know how to mount a GoPro on your motorcycle properly, the overall experience of using it is well worth the investment.

Michael parrotte wear AGV AX8 helmet with Gopro camera

Based on my personal experience, the best place to mount GoPro on a full-face motorcycle helmet is on top of the helmet for street bikes and on the chin bar for off-road motorcycles. If you mount a GoPro camera on the chin bar for the street motorcycle, you cannot tuck it in without the camera hitting the tank, and you are likely filming the triple clamp and instrument cluster. Even in a normal riding position on the street, with the camera mounted on the chin bar, the camera will have too many mirrors, handlebars, and instruments in view.

I personally do not like to side-mount them. But that’s just a personal preference. A side-mounted position would provide a view like a top mount. For off-road riding, the chin bar is an excellent location because it is very securely mounted and unlikely to snap off in the event of a minor fall. Also, you must consider when off-road riding that brush or a low-lying tree limb could knock off a GoPro helmet mounted on the top or even on the side of any helmet.

If you are using one of the newer GoPro cameras without any helmet mount because you need to see the screen, just use an adjustable handlebar style mount, which will get the camera up above the instruments and not obstructed by the mirrors. But the ball and joint “Ram” style is the best.

Each position has its advantages and disadvantages, and I usually have three options. I have one mount available on top of the helmet, another chest mount on the strap, and the third, and my most preferred is the RAM-style ball joint mount on the handlebars.

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I've diligently categorized my motorcycle gear recommendations into all available categories, with the aim of providing you with a comprehensive analysis that showcases the absolute best options for all your needs. These items are the culmination of in-depth research, extensive testing, and personal use throughout my vast experience of 50+ years in the world of motorcycling. Besides being a passionate rider, I've held leadership positions and offered consultancy services to reputable companies in over 25 countries. To See Top Picks and the Best Prices & Places to Buy: Click Here!

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About the Author:

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In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. For over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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