Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle Helmets and 10 Affordable Alternatives!

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When it comes to choosing a helmet, safety is always my top priority. A high-quality motorcycle helmet can significantly reduce the risk of fatalities by 37% for riders and 41% for passengers and lower the risk of head injury by 69%. But not all lids are created equal, and the price can vary greatly depending on the advanced safety features like multi-layered shells, impact-absorbing liners, and specialized padding—typically found on more expensive helmets.

Popular brands with a reputation for quality and innovation command a higher price tag, and the materials used in the construction, such as carbon fiber, can substantially impact the cost. Expensive motorcycle helmets also meet stringent SNELL and FIM standards, while boasting intricate designs and graphics, and special features like ventilation, noise reduction, extra visors, or Bluetooth connectivity.

And they’re often produced in smaller quantities or crafted by skilled artisans, resulting in an unmatched level of attention to detail that sets them apart from more affordable alternatives. But all that glitters is not gold. With this in mind and drawing from my firsthand experience in the motorcycle helmet industry for 47 years as of 2024, leading and consulting for reputable helmet brands, I present my best picks for expensive helmets in 2024.

Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle Helmets

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Helmet NameCategoryShell SizesCheck & Shop Now
AGV K6Lightest Road4: XS-SM, MS, ML-LG, XL-2XLRevZilla | MotoSport | Amazon
Arai Corsair-X RCMost Expensive4: S, M, L, XLRevZilla | CycleGear
AGV Pista GP RR Best High-End Race4: XS-S, MS, ML-L, XL-XXLRevZilla | MotoSport | Amazon
Shoei X-15Best Road/Street4: XS-S, M, L, XL-XXLRevZilla | CycleGear | Amazon
Schuberth C5Best Touring2: XS-LG, XL-3XLRevZilla | CycleGear | J&P Cycles
AGV SportmodularBest Sport-Touring3: XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XLRevZilla | CycleGear | Amazon
Bell Moto-10Best Off-Road/Motocross3: XS-S, M-L, XL-XXLRevZilla | BTO Sports | Amazon
Shark Race-R Pro Best Sport/Track2: XS-M, L-XLRevZilla | Cycle Gear | Amazon
Sena ImpulseBest Bluetooth-Ready5: S, M, L, XL, XXLRevZilla | J&P Cycles | Amazon
Nexx X ViliturBest Adventure3: XXS-S, M-L, XL-XXXLRevZilla | CycleGear | Amazon

Here are 10 budget-friendly alternatives for your consideration:

Helmet ModelCategoryShell SizesCheck & Shop Now
AGV K1 SBest Sport/Racing2: XS-MS, ML-XXLRevZilla | MotoSport | Amazon
KYPARA Best Cruiser/ATV2: XSMD, XL-3XLAmazon
Yema Best Street/Urban2: XS-MD, LG-3XLAmazon
Torc ModularBest Cruiser/Touring3: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL.Amazon
ILM Z501Best Dual Sport/Street2: XS-MS, ML-XXLAmazon
Bell QualifierBest Urban/Commuter3: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL.RevZilla | MotoSport | Amazon
Scorpion EXO-R420Best Sport/Touring2: XS-MD, LG-3XLRevZilla | CycleGear | Amazon
Icon AirformMost Versatile3: XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XLRevZilla | MotoSport | CycleGear
Sedici Strada IIBest Bluetooth-Enabled2: XS-MD, LG-3XLRevZilla | CycleGear | J&P Cycles

I know that the market continues to overwhelm us with so many options, ranging from the quietest helmets to the lightest. But in my reviews, I’ll only discuss models that I’ve personally encountered, prioritizing the sharing of my insights rather than relying on hearsay, as my ultimate objective is to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from my expertise.

And to cater to all, I’ve thoughtfully categorized my choices based on riding style. Now, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of motorcycle helmets and explore the best for each specific style in ascending order, starting with the most expensive and proceeding toward the slightly less-pricier options:

1. AGV K6: Lightest Road

Price: $499.95

Weight: 2.7 lbs.

Certifications: ECE 22.06, DOT, 5-Star Sharp Rated

AGV K6 S Slashcut Helmet

AGV K6: Buy on RevZilla

The AGV K6 distinguishes itself with its aerodynamic carbon fiber and aramid (Kevlar) shell, expertly balancing robust strength and lightweight design. Building upon the legacy of its predecessor, the AGV K5, it manages to weigh 0.36 pounds less than the AGV K5 S in its small size variant (3.06 lbs./1,388 grams vs. 2.7 pounds/1,225 grams). Remarkably, at 2.7 lbs. (1,225 grams), the AGV K6 is the lightest road helmet currently available.

You also get the 5-density EPS liner, a feature rarely seen in helmets, providing superior shock absorption for both small and larger impacts. Probably the main reason the K6 has earned a 5-star rating from SHARP, which emphasizes on subjecting the 4 shell sizes (XS-SM, MS, ML-LG, XL-2XL) to 32 a battery impact and oblique impact tests, including impacts against flat and inclined surfaces at varying speeds (low, medium, and rapid), mirroring real-world scenarios.

The optically correct visor with a wide field of vision ensures you get clear sightlines while the Pinlock antifog insert, provided in the box, enhances visibility in adverse weather conditions. Comfort takes center stage, featuring sculpted foam padding, a removable chin curtain, and a neck roll made from technical anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking fabrics. In my experience, the K6 is more comfortable than my Scorpion EXO R1, which exerts a slight pressure on the upper front center of my head.

Similar to the Shoei RF 1400, the AGV K6, as well as the K6 S, accommodates speakers for communication systems, although the curved shell might pose challenges for mounting certain controllers.

2. Arai Corsair-X RC: Most Expensive

Price: $4,095.95

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Certifications: DOT, SNELL M2020D

Arai Corsair-X RC — Most Expensive Today

Arai Corsair-X RC: Buy on Revzilla

As if the handmade and super-costly range of helmets were not exclusive enough, Arai makes a carbon fiber version of their top-of-the-range Arai Corsair X, which is the RC, the most expensive motorcycle helmet today. And if you agree with their steep price point (and I certainly do), Arai will reward you with a truly world-class performance helmet based on their very own Formula One-evolved GP-7SRC.

The dual-use of aircraft-quality PB SNC2 carbon fiber is very stiff and lightweight, creating a light and strong helmet backed by Arai’s exclusive peripheral belt that goes around the shell just above the eyeport. Yet, I consider the X RC an improvement on the existing Arai Corsair X IOM 2022 and the 2023 Arai Isle of Man TT Limited Edition RX-7V EV models rather than a redesign.

The new VAS Max Vision shield mechanism is now easier to open and close compared to the single-axis SAI shield on the previous Corsair-V, thanks to the moving point pivoting with a pinlock insert as par for the course. I also did notice that the new shield mounts are an inch (24 mm) lower. This, and the superior streamline on this model, ensures that the helmet can glance off obstacles and not dig in and rotate–I don’t want that in a crash!

Other amenities include the Diffuser Type 12 and air wing, which improve your efficiency through the air by 19% while also increasing stability. This means less neck strain and fatigue for you to deal with on the track.

Still in comfort, the IC Duct5 venting flows 11% more air than the Arai Corsair V while keeping out road noise. And the sealing chin curtain accentuating the egg-shaped outer shell to keep air and noise outside while enhancing the Bernoulli effect to draw air out from my mouth and nose area. The odor-resistant liner is also removable, washable, and swappable, so you can find your best fit. 

3. AGV Pista GP RR: Best High-End Race

Price: $1,599

Weight: 3.36 lbs.

Certifications: ECE 22.06, FIM

AGV Pista GP RR — Best Overall

AGV Pista GP RR: Buy on RevZilla

I call it the perfection of obsession. Forged in MotoGP, the AGV Pista GP RR is now available for you and me to buy—an exact copy of the FIM-homologated helmet that also exceeds the safety requirements of the current ECE 22.06 standard. As a racing enthusiast, I can confidently say that the AGV Pista GP RR racing helmet is easily the best in the world. Designed with utmost attention to detail, it prioritizes both comfort and performance. 

The 360° adaptive fit system, which allows customization of the center pad, nape, and cheeks, ensures a perfect fit tailored to your needs. Its 100% carbon fiber shell also contributes to its lighter and stronger design while adding to its aesthetics with an integrated rear spoiler.

And whether you take the Pista GP RR out on the track or on the street, you can rest assured that you’ll miss no obstacle or adversary thanks to the panoramic optical class 1 visor that boasts 5 mm thickness, 190° lateral, and 85° vertical vision. The Pinlock 120 anti-fog lens prevents fog formation on the visor by creating a pocket of air between itself and the main visor without blocking the view.

All these features, and AGV still finds room to include a state-of-the-art hydration system to keep you fit while you do your thing! Sadly, I have just learned that the sizes MS and ML have been discontinued, and starting from 2023, the AGV Pista GP RR is only available in the new size guide: XS – 53/54 cm, S – 55/56 cm, M – 57/58 cm, L – 59/60 cm, XL – 61/62 cm, and XXL – 63/64 cm.

But still, I have no doubt that the Pista GP RR model (I love Italian craftsmanship and naming masterpieces with their ingredients) plays in its own league. It’s so good that they made other limited editions, including the just-released $1,924.95 “Gold Standard” AGV Pista GP RR Oro Limited Edition, the $1,924.95 AGV Pista GP RR Italia Carbonio Forgiato, the $1,899.95 AGV Pista GP RR 75th Anniversario Helmet, and an ECE and DOT certified, which is, you guessed it, the $1,699.95 AGV Pista GP RR ECE DOT Limited Edition Speciale!

Only a few helmets can hold a racing candle to these three, and the recently launched Shoei X-15 (it’s called the X-SPR Pro in Europe) does just that.

4. Shoei X-15: Best Road/Street

Price: $899.99

Weight: 3.58 lbs.

Certifications: ECE 22.06, DOT

Shoei X-Fourteen Aerodyne Street Helmet

Shoei X-15: Buy on RevZilla

The spirit behind the new X-15 helmet (an improvement of the highly regarded X-14) is to concentrate decades of experience in building do-it-all helmets that work for you on the road and track. I like that the pureness of the previous X-14 full-face helmet has now received a revamp but still feels astonishingly light despite the 100-gram increase to meet the new and more stringent ECE 22.06 standard that will take full effect in 2024.

It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, but Shoei has once again put their muted design language to the test, making a lid that gives you a magically comfortable ride, yet is slim and subtle with a gorgeous sporty contour, but not too aggressive.

And with the next-level shock-absorbent AIM shell and multi-layer EPS liner, all held in place by the indefatigable and infinitely adjustable double D-ring chinstrap mechanism, the X-15 gives you the most protection money can buy. That, and the luxury of a 3D center pad plus swappable cheek pads.

If you own any Shoei helmet (I have a Neotec II), then you’ll know that they excel in the wind tunnel with top-level noise, drag, and buffeting reduction technology, which lets you enjoy longer rides with no neck strain. It’s quiet and stable at highway speeds, even with the visor open.

Shoei X-15 takes it a notch higher with an integrated spoiler and vortex generators on the extreme ends of the mist retardant, CWR-F2 Pinlock-Ready Face Shield to help with airflow. And of course, the special graphic editions, like the $1,049.99 Shoei X-15 Marquez7 TC-1, $949.99 MM93 Black Concept 2.0 TC-1, $929.99 Kujaku TC-5, and the $949.99 Aerodyne series (TC-1, TC-2, TC-4 & TC-9), add exclusivity and value to this particular model.

5. Schuberth C5: Best Touring

Price: $869.00

Weight: 3.99 lbs.

Certifications: DOT, ECE 22.06

Schuberth C5 Master Helmet

Schuberth C5: Buy on Revzilla

The Schuberth C5 raises the bar for ultra-premium touring helmets with its new and enhanced features. The addition of a Coolmax inner liner, available in two shell sizes (XS-LG, XL-3XL), and outstanding noise isolation make it a standout choice for touring enthusiasts. Made from a DFP Glass fiber heat-formed shell, it deviates from its predecessor, the carbon fiber Schuberth C4 Pro, albeit with a slightly heavier weight increase of 0.8 pounds.

One of its notable features is the integrated Bluetooth headset interface designed for the Sena SC2, a significant improvement from the previous SC1 version. All the necessary wiring, speakers, and microphones come pre-installed within the helmet, although you may need to purchase the controller separately. The C5 also receives an upgraded ventilation system, ensuring a cooler interior while preserving Schuberth’s renowned quietness.

A wider viewport allows you to fully take in the scenery, while the clear visor with Pinlock lens keeps you shielded from bugs and the elements and prevents fogging when riding in colder conditions. Inside, a drop-down visor controlled by a slider installed on the left underside of the helmet provides convenience right where your proprietary communication modules would attach.

Still on the inside, I like the comfortable, moisture-wicking, seamless, antimicrobial liner that is completely removable and washable, ensuring freshness for every ride. And no touring helmet would be complete without a sun shield for chasing sunsets, and the Schuberth C5 includes one, as does the new Japanese Shoei Neotec 3 , a helmet designed for long days on the saddle.

Overall, Schuberth invests significantly in research and development costs for their helmets, which is reflected in their higher price points. This is demonstrated in the table below, which identifies premium brands and cheaper alternatives that have been tested by SHARP:

Helmet BrandMost Affordable ($)Most Expensive ($)Average ($)

6. AGV Sportmodular: Best Sport-Touring

Price: $879.55

Weight: 3.2 lbs.

Certifications: DOT, ECE 22.05

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid — Best Sport Touring

AGV Sportmodular: Buy on Amazon

The AGV Sportmodular (the first modular sport helmet) is a revolutionary helmet for sports touring due to its compact design and lightweight construction, making it incredibly comfortable for extended periods of use. With AGV’s renowned global reputation as the number one safety brand, I trust that it will keep you safe and secure in the event of an accident, offering the same level of protection as the top-ranked Pista GP RR in the world.

But what distinguishes the Sportmodular from other helmets, including AGV’s Tourmodular, is its innovative reversible lining and patented ventilation-enhancing reversible crown.

The reversible crown has a silky-smooth Ritmo cool side that keeps you cool and dry during hot weather and a soft Shalimar warm side that ensures warmth and comfort during colder conditions. Plus, with its water-resistant exterior, you don’t have to worry about any moisture sneaking in and making you uncomfortable during your ride.

Like the Shoei Neotec II and Shoei GT-Air II helmets, the AGV Sportmodular also includes a drop-down inner shield. The interior lining is made from supersoft 2Dry materials that control moisture and provide a smooth and comfortable fit.

Other notable AGV expensive helmets include the now-discontinued AGV Corsa R, which sits comfortably between the Sportmodular and the fully-fledged MotoGP Pista. But even these two masterpieces dwarf in comparison to the single “Stop-Cancer” AGV Corsa helmet that sold in 2014 for a whopping $278,000!

7. Bell Moto-10: Best Off-Road/Motocross

Price: $869.95

Weight: 3.64 lbs.

Certifications: DOT, SNELL 2020, ECE 22.05

Bell Moto-10 - Best Motocross (Dirt Bike)

Bell Moto-10: Buy on Amazon

The Moto-10 is an MIPS-powered off-road helmet that sports Bell’s exclusive Spherical Evolution technology and a segmented 3K carbon shell. Key among its features, which I can’t miss to mention, is the unmistakable Bell panoramic goggle port and bold design concept that breaks conventions.

Remarkably, it’s the evolution of the Bell Moto series—which includes the $849.95 Bell Moto-10 Spherical Rhythm (non-MIPS), the $899.95 Bell Moto-10 Spherical Pro Circuit, the $919.95 Bell Moto-10 Spherical Fasthouse, and the 2023 Bell Moto-10 Spherical Ferrandis Mechant. These helmets pride themselves in industry demand-driven designs that keep you, the rider, in mind and shut out manufacturer trends.

Yet, there is more to the aggressive styling of the Bell Moto-10 MIPS than meets the eye. It allows thermal exchange airflow, which draws heat and moisture away from your head as you ride. Adding to the luxury are the NMR bumpers that increase cushioning, impact mitigation, stability, comfort, and aerodynamics of the helmet.

And yes, NMR stands for No Missed Races. Moving inward, you’ll encounter the sweat management system, consisting of overkill ventilation ports and moisture-wicking EQRS-equipped Magnefusion cheek pads, featuring the Virus Cooljade liner.

Every aspect of the design takes into consideration the need to cool your head to keep you calm while you shred the dirt. Even the Flying Bridge visor features air intake vents!

8. Shark Race-R Pro: Best Sport/Track

Price: $759.99

Weight: 3.35 lbs.

Certifications: ECE 22.05, DOT, SHARP

Shark Race-R Pro Carbon — Best Lightweight

Shark Race-R Pro: Buy on Amazon

The SHARK Race-R Pro is an exceptional piece of gear constructed from carbon/aramid fibers. Originally designed for Shark’s top-level racers in MotoGP, WSBK, and Moto2, it’s perfectly suited for fully-faired, head-down sport bike riders who demand the utmost performance. Perhaps you’ve already caught a glimpse of the Shark Race-R Pro GP on the racetrack, as it’s a favorite among major series riders, including Scott Reading, Johann Zarco, and Miguel Olivera in MotoGP.

And just like the LS2 FF805 Thunder, HJC RPHA 11 Pro, Suomy SR-GP, and Scorpion Exo-R1 Air helmets, the Pro GP is FIM tested and homologated, though it’s considerably pricier than the regular Race-R Pro. The racetrack versions have a massive spoiler on the back, which is specifically designed to improve aero and stability at high speeds.

Weighing in at just 1.5 kgs in size small, the Race-R Pro prides itself in a featherlight construction, and its bamboo fiber interior helps prevent sweat retention and odor when you’re sweating, ensuring maximum comfort during long rides. The ventilation system is also impressive, with 4 front vents that are easy to use even when wearing motorcycle gloves.

In addition, the helmet has a “whisper strip” that reduces external noise and an anti-fog coating on the visor to prevent fogging. The visor has a quick-release mechanism, which lets you change it easily.

When it comes to safety, the Shark Race-R Pro is rated SHARP 5 stars besides being ECE 22.05 and DOT approved, making it one of the safest helmets on the market. And if you’re seeking a distinctive style, you might want to consider the Shark Race-R Pro GP 30th Anniversary or the Shark Race-R Pro GP Jorge Lorenzo Winter Test, both priced at $999.99 and $1,199.99, respectively. Or, the Shark Race-R Pro Lorenzo Catalunya, which retails for $669.99, is an excellent choice.

9. Sena Impulse: Best Bluetooth-Ready

Price: $699.00

Weight: 3.8 lbs.

Certifications: DOT

Sena Impulse Mesh Intercom — Best Smart

Sena Impulse: Buy on Amazon

Say goodbye to the hassle of routing wires and microphones, and say hello to unmatched precision and clarity in helmet audio! The Sena Impulse packs a punch with its high-fidelity boom mic, Mesh Bluetooth technology–the same tech you find in their 50R and 50S systems–and Harman Kardon premium speakers, all smoothly integrated into its premium composite fiberglass shell.

This allows you to choose from the group mesh intercom application that can accommodate up to 24 riders locked in conversation or the Multi-channel Open Mesh Intercom to invite more members, including those outside the mesh ecosystem.

But the smart features really start to show when it’s idling during charging, and the Wi-Fi comes on to fetch system updates. These automatic updates are for its firmware and voice-activated digital assistants Siri and Google, which understand 8 languages. Amazingly, 20 minutes of charge on the fast USB-C connector can get me up to 4 hours of talk time chatting with my riding pack on the Bluetooth Intercom, with up to 1.2 miles range.

Aside from the comms, the Sena Impulse is a respectable lid that meets and exceeds the DOT requirements and offers you the flexibility and freedom of a modular helmet. It’s also Pinlock-ready for extreme weather, but the flip-up chin guard can be a big help if things really go south.

It has a retractable sun shield, which will keep glare from your eyes with one swipe, and a built-in backlight that makes you more visible as you ride. And for the correct helmet size, refer to the chart below:

Shell Size:Shell 1Shell 2Shell 3Shell 4Shell 5
Head (Inches):20.9-21.321.7-2222.4-22.823.223.6
Interchangeable Liner Size:SMXSMSLGML

10. Nexx X Vilitur: Best Adventure

Price: $649.95

Weight: 3.93 lbs.

Certifications: ECE 22.05, DOTNexx X Vilitur — First Composite Fiber Modular Helmet

Nexx X Vilitur: Buy on Amazon

History enthusiasts will appreciate the Nexx X Vilitur for its significance in motorcycle helmet technology. It was the first composite fiber modular helmet, making a significant contribution to the evolution of safety gear.

And today, owning a Nexx X Vilitur means being a part of this historic moment and having a secure place, as one of its standout features is an all-metal locking mechanism that ensures a secure connection between the chin bar and helmet chassis, especially during bumpy rides. The double rubber seals and vortex generators work together to create a quiet ride by improving sound isolation and significantly reducing loud wind noise.

Comfort is also a top priority with the Nexx X Vilitur. The cheek pads and one-piece neck roll, along with moisture-wicking X.MART DRY fabric liners, provide you with a snug and breathable fit. The Morfofit ergonomic cheek pads conform to your facial features, enhancing comfort further.

With a micro-ratchet stainless steel chin strap, removable breath guard, and an adjustable chin curtain, I can customize my comfort level and ensure I stay comfortable when touring the best cities for motorcyclistsAnd the next time, I would hit the road with confidence knowing that the Nexx X Vilitur helmet has earned both DOT (FMVSS-218) and ECE 22.05 approval.

But If you’re looking for a more premium adventure option, upgrade to the $649.95 Nexx X.Vilitur Carbon Zero or $849.95 Nexx XR3R SE X-Pro Carbon full-face helmet for a lightweight carbon fiber shell that optimizes airflow and stability at high speeds with a race-style spoiler.

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

In my extensive 50+ year journey as both a rider and a leader in the motorcycling industry, a fundamental truth has become evident, a sentiment shared by many enthusiasts: helmets, regardless of their price tags, can provide sufficient protection to riders, provided they are manufactured by reputable companies and adhere to essential safety standards, such as the US Department of Transportation (DOT) or Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) certifications.

The helmet you choose must meet the established legal safety standards in the market where it is sold, ensuring it has the necessary DOT or ECE certifications. While pricier helmets might boast additional safety certifications, the difference in safety levels is often marginal. Expensive helmets may offer plush comfort padding, lightweight design, and superior aerodynamics, enhancing the overall riding experience, but these features don’t significantly impact the helmet’s safety in real-world accident scenarios.

Crucially, a secure and comfortable fit stands out as one of the most critical aspects of helmet safety. A well-fitted helmet ensures not only proper alignment and comfort but also includes a chinstrap and retention system designed to prevent “roll-off.” If a helmet doesn’t stay securely on your head during an accident, it provides no protection.

And so, finding a helmet with an excellent fit remains paramount for maximum protection. Additionally, features like noise reduction and streamlined design can enhance safety indirectly by minimizing distractions and fatigue during long rides.

In essence, while high-end helmets may boast an array of features, a moderately priced helmet that meets all necessary safety standards and fits well can offer comparable protection. The key is to prioritize a snug fit and ensure the helmet has the required safety certifications for the market it is intended for, regardless of its price tag. By making an informed choice based on these factors, riders can confidently select a helmet that not only suits their budget but also prioritizes their safety on the road.

FAQs — I Have the Answers!

Q: What Is The Most Expensive Helmet In The World?

At a retail price of $4,095.95, the Arai Corsair-X RC is the most expensive helmet in the world today. With a lightweight PB SNC2 carbon fiber shell, advanced IC Duct5 ventilation system, and emergency quick-release cheek pad system, it offers remarkable features for enhanced safety and comfort.

Q: What Is the Most Expensive Helmet Ever Sold?

The most expensive helmet ever sold is the ‘Stop-Cancer’ AGV Corsa helmet, which was sold in 2014 for a remarkable $278,000.

Q: Which Is The No. 1 Helmet In The World?

The AGV Pista GP RR is the number-one helmet in the world. AGV, the esteemed Italian helmet maker, continues to hold its position as the leading helmet manufacturer into 2023.

Q: Why Are AGV Helmets So Expensive?

AGV helmets are typically more expensive because they employ the best technical materials, such as carbon fiber, composite, and thermoplastic shells, for the best rider safety. The remarkable dedication to research and development, exemplified by the AGV Extreme Standards, which are specifically designed to protect MotoGP riders, directly translates into multiple helmets within AGV’s extensive lineup.

Information for this article was partially sourced and researched from the following authoritative government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations:


Picture of About the Author:

About the Author:

Michael Parrotte started his career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the North American market. He was then appointed the Vice President of AGV Helmets America. In total, he worked with AGV Helmets for 25 years. He has also served as a consultant for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. For over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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