Top 7 Best Motorcycle Riding Earplugs

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In our hearts, there resides a passion for the open road, where the exhilaration of the ride is harmonized with the symphony of sounds that surround us—the powerful hum of the engine, the rush of the wind, and the pulse of the world. Amidst this auditory marvel, protecting our hearing becomes paramount. And so, the question of whether you should wear earplugs when riding a motorcycle transcends mere choice—it’s a decision that encompasses health, safety, comfort, and the overall riding experience.

Yet, much like the enduring adage, ‘There are two types of riders: those who have crashed, and those who will,’ I observe three distinct categories among motorcyclists: those consistently prioritizing hearing protection, those acknowledging potential risks but opting not to use earplugs, and those unaware of the dangers— a category I once belonged to. No longer, though. And drawing from nearly 50 years of motorcycling, here are the earplugs that have provided me with the best riding experience:

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Riding Earplugs

Earplugs ModelCategoryNoise Reduction LevelNoise Reduction RatingCheck & Shop Now
VibesBest Overall22 dB15 dBRevZilla | Amazon
EargasmBest Multi-Purpose21 dB16 dBAmazon
SoftvoxBest Low Profile25 dB21 dBAmazon
Alpine MotoSafe Race ProBest Racing/Sports24 dB18.8 dBRevZilla | Motardinn
PinlockBest Urban Commutes29.6 dB24 dBRevZilla | Amazon
NoNoise MotorsportBest Comfort24 dB17 dBRevZilla | Amazon
EarPeace Moto ProBest Quantity20 dB11 dBAmazon

1. Vibes: Best Overall

Vibes Motorcycle Earplugs: Best Overall
Vibes Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on RevZilla | Amazon

You might recall their appearance on Shark Tank Season 8 when, in an anticlimactic move, founder Jackson Mann rejected Kevin O’Leary’s $100,000 offer. That was the beginning of Vibes’ incredible journey. And true to their guiding philosophy, ‘In with the good, out with the bad,’ Vibes high-fidelity earplugs embody the mantra ‘your sound, your experience.’

From Adversity to Innovation

And like every superhero, their origin story is one that starts with an injury and adversity after Mann burst an eardrum at a concert. Years later, this is what he hard to say about the nasty ordeal:

Doctors told me to wear foam earplugs to my next concert. But after putting them in, I instantly realized they destroy the sound quality and are not designed for music.

Defending Your Hearing

With approximately 22 dB sound reduction across frequencies (15 NRR), you will experience a moderate 85 dB when exposed to a 100 dB noise environment. Noting the logarithmic nature of the decibels scale, 100 dB is at least 32 times louder than 85dB, which is quite a significant relief for your ears as attested by all the Sharks in the Tank during that episode.

Proprietary Design for Clarity and Immersive Sound

Vibes’ earplugs feature proprietary acoustic filters and chambers that offer enhanced clarity and an immersive sound experience. While traditional earplugs offer excellent hearing protection, they end up blocking out too much sound, which is perilous of its own accord astride a motorcycle. You still need to clearly and easily perceive useful road sounds to ride safely and comply with legal requirements, and Vibes are excellent in that regard.

Clear Sound Without Distortion

Attenuating noise at all frequencies from low (L) to Mid (M) and High (H), Vibes earplugs ensure reduced sound without distortion, unlike cheaper foam earplugs that often work better at higher frequencies only. The bark of a motorcycle engine and wind noise itself rarely exceed 500Hz, which is pretty low for most earplugs for sleep.

Customized Fit for Comfort and Security

Apart from being virtually invisible, I like that they thought of how we have different ear sizes and included three tip sizes—all made of silicone for soft, secure and comfortable fit—although I typically use only the mid-sized ones. Speaking of which, you get a tiny ergonomic case to carry them in, but I think it would be better for us motorcyclists if it came with a keyring so that it goes wherever the bike key goes!

The AGV Pista GP R Carbon Valentino Rossi Helmet, one of the best helmets ever made

The motorcycle helmets I recommend provide a perfect balance of affordability and unwavering quality, ensuring the utmost value for your investment. These are items I've become well-acquainted with during my more than 50 years of motorcycling experience, where I've led and consulted for reputable companies in over 25 countries, in addition to being an avid rider. They are the very same helmets that have earned my trust and served me exceptionally well during countless adventures.

2. Eargasm: Best Multi-Purpose

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Motorcycle
Eargasm High Fidelity Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on Amazon

Everyone with ears, not just serious motorcyclists, needs Eargasm earplugs! Rated at 21 dB (NRR 16 dB), I discovered these, you guessed right, in the world of night-out experiences and decided they are keepers for their pristine sound.

Partial Noise Reduction Without Total Cancellation

I find that earplugs that have worked exceptionally well for concerts also perform well for motorcycling because it’s essentially the same levels of noise ranging from 90dB to 120 dB. Just as in concerts, the intention while riding motorcycles is not to mute the sounds entirely but to negotiate them down to manageable levels.

Yes, these give me the perfect combo, the ability to savor the song of my Ninja 400 without allowing pesky wind noise to have at my eardrums!

Tiny, Portable, And Superior Comfort Fitting

The Eargasm is super tiny, even comparable to the Vibes, but also barely visible. Not that it matters inside of my helmet, but I like to leave them on when I shop for food or during bathroom breaks at the truckstop gas stations, which can also be quite loud. The hypoallergenic silicone build feels so soft against the ear canal, you forget they are there so wearing them for longer rides is not a problem.

Crystal Conversations, No Shouting

The fact that these are also built to keep the full profile of sound intact while reducing its amplitude means that you can have totally normal conversations without annoying distortion or having to shout to hear yourself. Eliminating the need to remove the earplugs from time to time is hygienic and convenient for me.

For Home, Music, Live Events, Work And Motorcycling

This isn’t just for people who attend rock and roll concerts, mere mortals like myself can also use them at home, in the workshop tuning bikes, and certainly on every ride. And speaking of rides, the little water-tight aluminum canister complete with keyring means these are coming along for the ride and they are never getting lost.

The only downside I can think that doesn’t affect me is that they include only two sizes, my one (normal) and a large.

3. Softvox: Best Low-Profile

Softvox Motorcycle Earplugs
Softvox Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on Amazon

Maybe it’s the extremely low profile design with double flange, which easily fits under a helmet, or perhaps all the hype about their sound fidelity. I knew I had to try the Softvox earplugs, a product developed with you and I in mind. And it’s no wonder the redundancy with double flange ensures a secure and all-day-comfortable fit and SNR25 dB or SNR20 dB (both included in the pack) sound filtering.

Ultra-Low Profile Earplugs Built for Helmets

It feels dangerously small that it can disappear into your brain, but thankfully, they added a secure tab to yank on for easy and quick removal. Inside the helmets, sounds are slightly muffled, and the last thing you need is to plug your ears with pieces of wool as you still need to listen to your engine for perfect shifts, navigation instructions, and ingress traffic.

Normally, the second flange would be the hard part that causes soreness after long periods of wear, and so, this ingenious design is superior in terms of comfortability.

Of Course, They Are Reusable Too

Washable, portable, and reusable are a motorcyclist’s best keywords when shopping for just about any accessory except oil filters! I must say, the metallic capsule-shaped bottle with a cool matt finish, a carabiner, and a smiley decal gives them a cool biker vibe and certainly makes them easier to tag along. And as with the Eargasm, you get a medium and large with every order.

I wish Softvox would give the pull tab a little more meat because the one they have on now is a little fiddly and impossible to find with a gloved hand. But then again, I hardly ever take these off before the end of the day because they are not in the way of any natural conversation.

4. Alpine MotoSafe Race Pro: Best Race/Sports

Alpine MotoSafe Race Pro Motorcycle Earplugs
Alpine MotoSafe Race Pro Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on Amazon | Motardinn

I have to say, my experience with the Alpine MotoSafe Race Pro earplugs has been nothing short of exceptional, especially on the racetrack! These earpieces offer unparalleled comfort, fitting snugly and providing a cozy sensation that’s hard to beat.

But what really sets them apart is their revolutionary noise reduction capabilities. The roar of engines transforms into a gentle breeze, allowing me to stay focused and alert while still preserving crucial sounds with crystal clarity. They’re an absolute must-have accessory for every rider out there!

And here’s is why:

Revolutionizing Your Ride

The moment I wore the CE and ANSI-certified Alpine MotoSafe Race Pro, the wind noise disappeared, and my music soared to crystal clear heights. Testing them with my helmet speakers was like unlocking a whole new level of auditory pleasure on my Cardo Packtalk Edge.

Moreover, casual chit-chats at traffic lights became a breeze, a feat not possible with the Alpine Plug&Go earplugs. Add to that the fact that they come in pairs (17dB—medium protection— and 20dB—strong protection), making them my top pick for motorcycle earplugs for couples.

Power-Packed Performance

The 20dB variant aligns with the MotoSafe Race, perfect for race riders, but surpasses the 17dB MotoSafe Tour, designed for laid-back riders. While it falls short of the 33dB Plug&Go, tailored for rookies, the MotoSafe Race Pro takes the lead, complete with essential accessories like the cleaning spray.

A notable highlight? They’re reusable for over 100 rides, leaving the Plug&Go in the dust with its 1-3-time reusability.

Luxurious Comfort

Made from AlpineThermoShape material, the MotoSafe Race Pro promises a sensory experience like no other. Revel in: ultra-softness (comfortable to wear), a perfect fit (molds to your ear), hypoallergenic quality (no itching), silicone-free design (no skin irritation), and easy cleaning with lukewarm water.

5. Pinlock: Best Urban Commutes

Pinlock Motorcycle Earplugs
Pinlock Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on RevZilla | Amazon

The Pinlock moto-specific earplugs were a great addition to my auditory health armory as they are extremely low profile, similar to Softvox, and flush with the interior helmet comfort lining. I will call them a quality build even though apart from the plugs themselves delivering the 24 dB rated attenuation (no questions asked), they arrive in a hideous bulky expanded foam box, which I was unsure of what to do with.

Other than the impractical packaging, these are great, especially for anyone with silicone-intolerant skin since they are made from medical-grade TPE.

Low Profile And Comfortable With Motorcycle Helmet

They do pack a medium and large in the large hideous box and an entire pamphlet on how to use, which, again, I frankly didn’t have the time for. My AGV AX9 has a tight entry and adds a fair share of shearing to the ears, but these seemed unperturbed by it. Taking them off is a bit fiddly, as expected, because they are so much out of the way.

In terms of comfort, I would place them somewhere in the middle, just below the double-flanged Softvox ones. You do notice these a little more, especially after a full day of riding, but they allow more sound, and I find them more suited for shorter city commutes when the exposure times are low.

Two Sizes Per Order, Good Not Great

I found the large a bit too large and quickly figured out how to swap their little filter with a cool logo from the medium-sized plugs as they come without. It’s fairly straightforward: you just squeeze, and they pop, then send them into the next pair with the logo out. Careful not to drop one like I did, or you will be getting down on all fours to on a search and recovery mission, but thankfully enough, they are red and easy to spot.

I said they were not great because I felt like maybe I needed to size down from the medium. I would, but there doesn’t seem to be a small version of these, sad.

Designed Exclusively for Motorcycling

From a company that makes motorcycle helmet face shields, I would expect nothing less. You get notably more road feedback with these on and can hear quite a bit of the bike’s bark, particularly if riding a hog or a bigger bike like the Yamaha Tenere 700 with the vocal SC project aftermarket exhaust.

A Little Too Much Audio-Visual Feedback In My Opinion

I will fault this design for two things. One, they allow a bit more sound than I would like – I understand it’s safer this way and great if you are on the intercom, but they failed to eliminate noise fatigue for longer rides. Two, they may be low profile but they are not discreet.

As soon as you take the helmet off, that red filter shouts–not great if I decide to put my health first and definitely ride in a state with laws against earplugs. Oh, and did I mention the carry case is useless?

6. NoNoise Motorsport: Best Comfort

NoNoise Motorsport Motorcycle Earplugs
NoNoise Motorsport Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on RevZilla | Amazon

The fifth time’s the charm, although this list is not in the order in which I got there, I can barely recall. Anyway, the NoNoise Motorsport is another motorcycle-specific earplug that I like, standing out for the patented Zirconium oxide ceramic filter that promises an SNR 21dB (mean) attenuation and which can be expected to deliver at least 14.0 dB (APV) between 250 Hz and 500 Hz where most of the wind noise dwells.

The ZrO2 is a fancy ceramic also used in making dental crowns and bridges by dentists, so you know it’s durable and safe to plug into your ears – not that it comes into contact with your skin anyway because it is enclosed in the silicone-free hypoallergenic SoftFit Thermoplastic plugs.

Made To Ride

True to their motorsport name, the NoNoise noise-canceling earplugs are an all-day, shock-absorbing, comfortable wear that makes your time at the helm more tranquil without blocking out the essential road sounds and signals. I picked these up for city riding and working because the stats also look good as attenuation of 25 dB at 8000hz, which is likely only noise since useful sounds like sirens are usually around 700 Hz while car horns are typically below 600 Hz.

Overall, the Alpine MotoSafe Race Pro earplugs have significantly improved my sport riding experience on twisty roads. They effectively reduce wind noise, allowing me to hear my Sena Packtalk Edge clearly, even when I’m cruising at speeds of 85+ mph. While foam plugs may be quieter at highway speeds, they often cause occlusion and concentration lapses during long-distance touring. 

Hear the NoNoise Difference

A culmination of 25 years of expertise, NoNoise earplugs are crafted by a Netherlands-based company with a wealth of experience in this niche. Overseen by leading professionals, including the expertise of top audiologists, the making of their motorsport earplugs guarantees crystal-clear conversations with your mates on the comms, even when stopped at a light.

7. EarPeace Moto Pro: Best Quantity

EarPeace Moto Pro Motorcycle Earplugs
EarPeace Moto Pro Motorcycle Earplugs: Buy on RevZilla | Amazon

The Moto Pro replaces the Moto as the latest, most advanced offering from EarPeace, a company that has been making these since 2008. They are available in 20 or 24 dB noise. I got these in the 20 dB as they came highly recommended for the Ninja 400, and to my surprise, I received three plugs times two sizes! Yes, Earpeace is considerate of enough of us three-eared ogres. I’m not talking two plugs and an extra plug as is typical, and the third one has its own filter, too!

Exceptional First Impressions

First impressions matter, and the Moto Pros are likely to give you the impression of a high-tech product right from the onset from the packaging even the premium machined, dual-chamber, watertight aluminum carry case with a keychain clasp included. Now I have no excuse for not carrying these because they can attach to my keys or pants.

A Journey Rooted in Personal Experience

Two decades ago, EarPeace founder and CEO Jay Clark suffered the pain of healing blown-out eardrums after attending a concert in Trinidad and set out on a lifelong ambition to make things right with the world. First for concert lovers and then for motorcyclists who also needed the help. And the results of that quest?

Proprietary Sound Filter and Patented Design

The EarPeace magic all happens in the proprietary sound filter which acts as a primary eardrum absorbing the external sound and faithfully repeating it in less intensity to your inner ear. But nothing works if you can’t keep them in while riding and so even their discreet low-profile silicone plugs are patented.

A Pro Tip: When you get your set, pay extra attention to the insertion. Position the little tab right, or else they can be a bit tricky to get out.

Elevate your riding experience – your ears deserve it!

AGVSPORT Knee and Body Armor

I've diligently categorized my motorcycle gear recommendations into all available categories, with the aim of providing you with a comprehensive analysis that showcases the absolute best options for all your needs. These items are the culmination of in-depth research, extensive testing, and personal use throughout my vast experience of 50+ years in the world of motorcycling. Besides being a passionate rider, I've held leadership positions and offered consultancy services to reputable companies in over 25 countries. To See Top Picks and the Best Prices & Places to Buy: Click Here!

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About the Author:

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In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. For over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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